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What I saw this week #29: January 20, 2017

Be sure to peruse the archive of this series of posts.

Best selfie ever? – Definitely in the running.

Joe Robinet – I’ve been digging Joe’s stuff on YouTube.

Behind-the-scenes of Rogue One – Photos by Alex Benetel.

Zuckerberg’s team – A team of a dozen people help Mark Zuckerberg capture his day for his Facebook page. Believe me, you’ll see a lot more of this (and at different scales). Even if you’re a single person you should be thinking in terms of capturing rather than creating.

Video: How Louis C.K. tells a joke – Another great breakdown from Evan Puschak.

JavaScript by the numbers – Some popular projects and rising stars.

Bootstrap 4 – I’m really digging the latest release of Bootstrap. I redid my blog’s markup and marked up Condron Media with it is as well.

Slack’s Threads – Great article showing how hard it was to get this feature right, but I think Slack did.

Audio: Quest Love interview – Quest Love was on Alec Baldwin’s Here’s The Thing.

Video: Kevin Costner and James Corden – Interesting to look back at this before Corden started his show and how massively successful he’s been since.

What I saw this week #28: January 13, 2017

Video: What Comes Next is the Future – A documentary-style look back at the evolution of the web, and its underlying technologies that make it up, using interviews with those who have crafted and curated those technologies.

Advanced Symbols in Sketch – A great tutorial by Matt D. Smith.

Atom Dash – Via Lauren Pittenger on Twitter comes this handing Atom package that makes looking up documentation syntax with Dash quick and easy. Nice find.

Pricing Strategy for Creatives – An A List Apart article from 2012 that every freelance creative should read each January as they realign their pricing (and their strategy behind how they price things) for the year.

What Tim Ferriss learned in 2016 – I didn’t listen to this audio. But scroll down to his list of links and cherry pick some things. This week I’ve found “Making Oprah” to be an amazing podcast to listen to. I think I’ll be digging through Tim’s list for weeks.

This Day in Dinosaurs – Just subscribe. Or Follow. Or Like. Via Mandy Pennington.

How to be a Type snob – What is a serif? Is that Helvetica? Learn how to be a type snob. Via Brett Terpstra.

RAISR: Rapid and Accurate Image Super-Resolution – This is incredible, incredible stuff. Google, and the Google Photos team, are creating high quality versions of low resolution images. I’ve always said “you can’t do that” when a TV show actor says “enhance” on a grainy image. Well, guess what? Now they can.

The greatest chess game ever played – There is chess (like, moving the pieces). Then there is what real chess players play.

Opera Neon – A new browser from Opera. Slick.

Vermont’s Maple Syrup logo – Once you see it, you can’t unsee it.

The Dawn Journal – I mentioned the Dawn Journal in April of 2015 but it deserves another nod. Dig into a few posts. Marc Rayman really brings it to life.

tecBRIDGE Radio Episode 2 – The second episode of tecBRIDGE radio dropped this week and the third will be available on Saturday at 11:30am. You can subscribe in iTunes and on Google Play by searching for tecBRIDGE.

Prince Rupert’s Drop – Never heard of this before. Fascinating stuff.

What I saw this week #27: January 6, 2017

Welcome to 2017. Let’s get started.

ichelle imAndrew Kim (remember him?) and his wife Michelle JY Park launched something new.

Slack Fund’s bots – Slack’s fund for investing in apps that integrate into Slack invested in 11 bots. Pretty neat collection. Great to see them investing in this particular way. I’ll write more on this in the future perhaps.

Fifty Shades + The Fly – I’m a sucker for a trailer mashup. But I’m undoubtedly a sucker for Jeff Goldblum in anything. (notice, this is a video that is shared exclusively on Twitter, I think we’ll see more of this this year)

Ed Sheeran’s two new singles – I love the way he shared these.

Steve Jobs on post-PC era – Prescient as always. I remember watching this when he was interviewed and totally understanding the analogy he gave. But the bit I missed was how uncomfortable I’d be about this transition. Boy was he right. I’m being pulled kicking and screaming. Which is why I’ve jumped in head first with an iPhone 7 Plus recently.

Diego Luna’s accent – Luna played a lead role in Rogue One and kept his Mexican accent which has resonated well with the community. Interestingly I didn’t even notice his accent – or, rather, I guess I didn’t think about it at the time. Really glad this is making people feel good. Kudos to Luna.

2,800 followers! – My little Watercolor Gallery recently passed 2,800 followers on Twitter. I really need to get back to my schedule at the gallery and start curating again. I’m terribly proud of that web site.

Front-end Style Guides – $8 ebook by Anna Debenham.

Mirror Effect – Super cool HTML/CSS/JS effect that could be very useful.


What I saw this week #26: December 30, 2016

As we end the year I just wanted to say that I hope those of you that are reading and following the links in these posts find them useful. I’ve been referring to the archive a lot lately to send friends links to things. I try to keep the list light, fun, useful, and all around interesting. I’m going to continue doing it through 2017.

The West Wing Weekly – If you know me at all you know that I love The West Wing. I’ve seen all 7 seasons multiple times. Ok, more like 5 times. I remember listening to the first episode of The West Wing Weekly and thinking I wouldn’t like it. This week I revisited it and now I’m up to episode 1.09 and I’m loving it. Recommended.

CSS Writing Modes – A great piece by Jen Simmons.

Adilyn Malcolm – Mark my words, this girl is going to be something in a few years. Subscribe to her YouTube now so you can say you knew her when…

Punching tip – This punching tip that Michael Jai White gives to Kimbo Slice is both simple and amazing. Why am I watching punching tips? I don’t know either.

Mackenzie Kramer – Killer crossover from this 8th grader.

TECBridge Radio – TECBridge has a new radio-show cum podcast.

Mantis – A bug tracker we’ve recently employed at work. We like it.

The Darth Side – This blog from years ago came up in discussion this week. So, so good.

Telsa predicts accident – Autonomous cars cannot reach mainstream fast enough in my opinion.

Carrie Fisher roast of George Lucas – I miss her already.

Jeff Bridges’ web site – Just a reminder that his site and photography is amazing.

What I saw this week #25: December 23, 2016

Product Hunt’s Best – The best products of 2016 according to Product Hunt.

A second industrial revolutionKevin Kelly makes the case that AI will bring about a second industrial revolution. I really love this perspective.

Bootstrap Studio 2.5 – Another update to a fantastic app.

Apple focusing on iOS – This is a thread I’ve been spinning for a long time. Gurman just backing me up.

Magnus CarlsenSee also. The youngest world champion in chess. He wasn’t on my radar until recently. Extraordinary mind.

Human Flying Drone – Casey Neistat and his team of insane people built a drone that can lift him right off the ground and into the air.

Tested: DJI Phantom 4 Pro – A review of the drone I’m buying. I think.

The UI of Rogue One – If you haven’t seen Rogue One yet, leave now to your local theater.

Russell Westbrook’s Shammgod – I don’t even know what that means but OMG

What I saw this week #24: December 16, 2016

It was a busy week. You can catch up on the blog. But here are a few additional things that jumped out at me.

New emoji in iOS 10.2 – Some very decent additions.

Bartender – A small Mac utility that tidies up your menu bar.

Animated Eleven – An animated Stranger Things? Yes please.

Ronnie del Carmen on Twitter – Related to the last link… the Co-Director of Pixar’s Inside Out shares some great stuff on Twitter.

Dan Rubin’s Dubai photos – My boy Dan takes great photos.

Connect(“demos”) – The source code for the demos at MSFT’s Connect event are now online.

For anyone reading this… if you saw something during your week or day that you think I’d like to see please send me a link on Twitter.

What I saw this week #23: December 7, 2016

Since this is what-i-saw #23 let’s all watch the top 50 plays by Michael Jordan.

The Modest Man Income Reports – Ever wonder what it looks like to run a blog for money? Brock from The Modest Man shares all of the numbers. Great insight.

Web advent calendars – Two I’m following this month are 24 ways and

Cinnamon Sugar Candied BaconWhiskey Bacon shared a recipe. Go get it.

Gitscout – A macOS app for Github issues.

The Outline – The Outline launched. My thoughts.

10×16 – Reimagined cover art. Some great stuff in here.

Claude Monet painting outdoors in 1915 – I often wish that moving images were invented hundreds of years ago so that we could see more of our history.

Lauren Hom, traveling illustrator – Great way to explore the world and share art.

Prince Stories – GQ mag asked friends of Prince for stories. Excellent stuff.

The Arrival Alphabet – If you haven’t seen Arrival yet change that.


What I saw this week #22: December 2, 2016

SwitchResX – A small preference pane for macOS to help you set more specific resolutions for your displays above and beyond what Apple provides by default.

NEPA.js – A new meetup in Scranton, PA for people that want to learn JavaScript.

Lion – A gorgeous photo by Sam Scrimshaw.

Italy, Boat, Wedding – My friend Matt D’Avella made a fun vlog-like video. Matt is one of the people behind the excellent Catalyst.

Open Sublime via Bash on Windows – A good tip for those Windows 10 users just getting used to having Bash native on their computers.

Casey Neistat sells Beme to CNN – He goes into the why in this video. My take? Beme needed a soft landing and using Casey was their surest bet to find a large enough acquirer.

BitBar – Take any constantly updating information (weather, stocks, timer) and put it in macOS menu bar.

Colossus Pixel Art – Jeremy Brown continues to kill it on Twitter with pixel art.

Lightsail – A new hosting platform from Amazon. Everything keeps getting easier and less expensive.

What I saw this week #21: November 25, 2016

Light week as I spent most of my week away from the computer.

curlbuilder – A simple tool to create curl commands.

Bowie by Nick Runge – A small plug for my other site.

On being verified – Maria Langer writes about being verified on Twitter.

Instagram updates – A few new ways to share from Instagram.

Dan Kimbrough’s blog – Looks like some new activity is happening over there.

Dream Desk 4 – Jonathan Morrison gives away a new desk set up to a cool kid.

Spectacles campaign – What Snap, Inc. is doing with these vending machines is genius.

DuckDuckHack – Fresh. More here.


What I saw this week #20: November 19, 2016

I’ve been sick most of the week and terribly busy so this week’s links are coming a day late.

Inside Apple Design – Nice video showing some of the people and the workshop behind Apple’s iconic products.

Wilderness – A gorgeous, chill video from Alastair Humphreys – someone on my follow list.

PhotoScan by Google – Excellent video for what looks like a fantastic app.

Chris Messina Product Hunt AMA – The inventor of the hashtag, among other things, and long-time internet friend Chris Messina did an AMA on Product Hunt. I managed to glide in there and get a question in. You can see that here.

Ugmonk Swag Pack – Jeff Sheldon put together a nice little bit of swag for Ugmonk. Reasonably priced.

Microsoft Connect(); – Some nice announcements out of Microsoft this week including Visual Studio for Mac. I would have liked to see a larger push for Windows 10 apps though.

Arrival – I saw this with two friends this week. A must-see.

Phantom 4 Pro – DJI continues to increase their lead over their competitors.

Dronebase – Speaking of drones, if you have one and would like to make a few dollars with it this seems like a good place to start.

Surface Studio Review – Tested’s review has been the most comprehensive I’ve seen so far.


What I saw this week #19: November 11, 2016

Andy Baio’s Waxy – Redesigned. Long live the blog.

Developers Read 1 Star Reviews – From the Úll 2016 conference.

Data Studio by Google – A tool to help you add some visualizations to your data.

The Old Reader – I didn’t know this was still up and running until Danny mentioned it in E12.

DHH on Tim Ferriss podcast – Good interview as per usual with Tim.

Iguana vs. Snakes – A must-watch scene from the upcoming Planet Earth II.

Bash on Windows on Hacker News – I’m following the development of Bash on Windows very very closely.

What I saw this week #18: November 4, 2016

My blog scheduled was knocked off tilt this week so this post is two days later than usual. It will be back on schedule this week.

Cinemagraph GIFs – Take a still from a movie and animate just a small portion of it. I’ve seen these floating around for a few years but just now see they have a name.

Matt D. Smith as Casey Neistat – My boy Matt went full Casey on his vlog.

Up to $650 off Surface Book – If you have a MacBook Pro MSFT will give you up to $650 if you trade it in for a Surface product. Smart.

Jon Hick’s illustrations for DuckDuckGo – My default search engine of choice, DuckDuckGo, commissioned Jon Hicks to do some cool illustrations for their home page. I’m looking forward to seeing those pop up in the US soon.

Fan slays on guitar at Green Day concert – I don’t play guitar. And I don’t know what the equivalent of this sort of thing would be like for me (maybe being asked to come out of the crowed to play in an NBA game?) But this is awesome.

Vine is closed – As if we needed another example to be reminded that at any time, any service we love, especially those that are free-of-charge, can go away in an instant. Hence.

Michael Tsai’s “state of the mac” – Lots of great stuff in Tsai’s post. Especially the quotes from yours truly.

No no Adobe – This guy at some thing at Adobe may have just given us Creative Cloud’s “jump the shark” moment.

Benjamin Button reviews the new MacBook Pro – Great stuff from Maciej.

What I saw this week #17: October 27, 2016

This week it feels like I saw tons of great things but when I checked my list in Simplenote for this post it wasn’t as full as I thought it would be. So I need to do a better job next week of keeping track of all the great things I’ve seen.

One Letter Removed – Take a movie title. Remove one letter from it. Draw the result.

WOW Framework for Design – The word “framework” may throw you off. Go check out what Matt D. Smith is up to.

10 years of Brain Pickings – Love this blog.

Arctic by Timtothewild – The audio in this is all hand done and astounding. Love it. Also on Soundcloud.

Visual Vibes: Arctic – I mentioned Ben Brown’s vlogs from the Arctic. This was the film he made there and debuted it at the Buffer Festival.

Modern Layouts: Getting Out of Our Ruts by Jen Simmons – Great video presentation by Jen Simmons. Recommended. I had this one in Unmark for a while.

Danny’s links – He is sharing links on Monday. See also, his movie reviews.

Microsoft – Check out their site. They released Surface Studio and an updated Surface Book on Wednesday.

Apple – Apple released a lackluster update to the Macbook Pro.


What I saw this week #16: October 21, 2016

Lots of things funneled in from Twitter this week. And yet, at the same time, Twitter may slowly be losing grip on its ability to stay in business. Pity.

Virtual Forest – VR is coming. Just watch Mark Zuckerberg’s demo recently and you’ll immediately see why a catalog like Virtual Forest is going to come in handy.

Flexbox gamesFlexbox is all the rage. But it seems to come with a learning curve. These games help with that. Cool idea.

Carolina Drama – Jack White was recently on The Prairie Home Companion. As was Lake Street Dive. Two of my favorite things musically on the same great show.

E.T. Rap Battles – Just click and see.

How a sprinkler works – Some things can be so incredibly simple that the brilliance of them boggles the mind.

Ken Bone pixel art – Jeremy Brown nails Bone’s stance.

Dope Vine – Incredibly well done.

Enterprise Bridge – 8 hours of beeps aboard the USS Enterprise.

What I saw this week #15: October 14, 2016

I’m noticing that a fair portion of the items I’ve made note to include in this post are videos. That isn’t all bad. If you have time this weekend perhaps you’ll watch a few of them.

PowerPress Podcast – In this episode of this podcast MacKenzie Bennett and Jane Ellen talk about Anchor (which I mentioned earlier) and how it might be used. Good ideas.

The Hunt for an Alaskan Honeybee – Great interactive piece from NY Times.

Two trailers worth watching: Planet Earth II and Star Wars Rogue One.

Curry Caputo’s vlogs – Casey Neistat’s cousin has been vlogging for half-a-year in Maine.

Sun Oven – A product that I saw in one of Curry Caputo’s vlogs is the Sun Oven which using sunlight to cook things. Pretty cool.

Iceland Cycle Tour – Great photos and story from James Stevenson’s microadventure cycling in Iceland.

Slow mo bird video – From Konsta Punkka on Instagram.

Danny MacAskill’s Wee Day Out – You go in for the biking riding skills, you come out with Scotland wanderlust.

Universe updates: Our area of the Milky Way is 4x larger and the number of galaxies in the universe is 10x larger. Everything keeps getting bigger the more we learn.


What I saw this week #14: October 7, 2016

Nice blend of things things this week.

An interview with Aaron Hicklin – I enjoyed this interview and the idea behind the bookstore that is curated into collections by creatives people like actors and directors. Neat idea.

Photos from Rosetta – Rosetta smashed into its host comet this week and Flickr holds the photos it took.

The wasabi you eat probably isn’t real – A video about real wasabi. Fascinating.

How I work: Satya Nadella – Nice video featuring rapid fire questions with the Microsoft CEO. I like this Satya guy.

America’s Next Ninja Warrior – Dad builds his daughter a backyard Ninja Warrior course. Then narrates her completing it.

The alphabet on butterflies – Photographer Kjell Bloch photographs shapes and patterns on butterfly wings that match those of the alphabet. Awesome.

What I saw this week #13: September 30, 2016

I’m resurrecting an old series of posts that I used to publish here called “What I saw this week“. In this series I’d publish a single post per week with some of the things I came across that week that I thought were interesting. It allowed me to link to interesting things without posting too many individual posts to my blog that are seemingly unrelated to what I’d like my blog to focus on.

My personal blog should mainly be about the things I enjoy the most… programming, hiking, kayaking, photography and blogging. However, I’m fascinated by a terrible amount of things. Hopefully by resurrecting this series it will save me from publishing too much drivel to my blog, keep it on focus, and yet still scratch this itch that I have to share all of these interesting things.

I’m going to publish one of these posts every Friday at 10:30am eastern. So, watch for it.

If you’d like to see previous posts, you can look at the what-i-saw tag. I went back and looked and there was some really good stuff in there.

Music theory for nerds by Eevee – If you’re like me and can’t wrap your head around musical notation, perhaps a nerds-eye-view of the subject will help. It did for me.

Interesting Slack conventions – Michael Lopp, VP of Engineering at Slack, covers a few interesting conventions he’s found useful in Slack. I’ve never heard of the raccoon (not a default emoji) or dolphin being used in such ways. Fascinating.

China has the world’s largest radio telescope – The photos I’ve seen so far do not do it justice. This dish is 1500′ across. Amazing.

Summer Road Trip 2016 – Back in August Maria Langer blogged about each leg of her summer road trip. Her posts inspired me to write about my hikes. You’ll want to grab a beverage and read a post or two. It may take  you a few sessions to finish this series.

Anthony Bourdain AMA – Parts Unknown kicked off again this weekend (sadly, I don’t have cable so I’ll have to wait until it hits Netflix). Bourdain did another Reddit AMA and, as always, it is worth picking through to find the good bits.

T-Rex impression – This guy’s T-Rex is just great.

GoPro KarmaDJI Mavic – Both GoPro and DJI have announced their newest products and both of them are small yet capable flying camera platforms. Both compelling offerings.

Millennium Falcon coffee table – What an awesome way to show off a lego set.

What I saw this week #12: November 17, 2013

Late again this week. However, I did manage to get this post out the door. Here are some interesting things I saw this week.

Photos of Saturn never get old. /via NASA.

Noisli – Need some nice background noise while you work? I find myself using this every day now. I love that you can combine more than one sound too.

Videos: Roadmap 2013 by GigaOm – GigaOm’s recent conference videos.

App: Unibox. – Yet another email application. At least this one looks like it is trying to be different. The more applications popping up in this area the better for the consumer. Choice is good.

Fix your boring slides – Nice tip from Michael Lopp to make sure your slides are displaying correctly before you begin your presentation.

Baremetrics – If you use Stripe (like we do) you’ll like Josh Pigford‘s latest project.

Video: End of Inception De-Coded – Was he dreaming? Wasn’t he? This seems like it could be the final word. (Be sure to turn on closed captioning.)

Video: Crazy plane landing, and takeoff, on top of a mountain – Jason Kottke has this one. Unbelievable.

Seattle Cider Company – Great website. There are so many bad websites out there it is nice to see a really well thought out and well designed ones.

Take better notes – This post, and the entire method it links to, is pretty great. It seems like a lot of work but as someone who takes a lot of paper notes I think I’ll employ my own version of this for sure.

What I saw this week #11: November 10, 2013

I’m still amazed at how many great things pass over my desk each week even though we’ve been so busy lately at work. I love how these posts remind me, each week, of how many interesting things there are on this web of ours.

Photo by Ravi Vora on Instagram.

Cisco open sources H.264 – This is a geeky link for this series. However, this is a big deal. The primary way people are watching video on their computers, mobile devices, tablets, and TVs is through the H.264 standard. Until Cisco stepped in it has always been up in the air as to what would happen for companies using this standard. This is a big step to making this video codec completely open like HTML or HTTP.

Thomas Kinkade meets Star Wars – Jeff Bennett takes a classic and mixes it with popular art.

Video: I See Fire by Ed Sheeran – Ed did a song for the ending credits in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. It is a pretty great song.

German police recover $1B in art stolen by Nazis – This practically priceless art has been holed up in an apartment for over 70 years. What a find.

App: Interesting – My friend Mike Rundle built an app to show you the best links from the web in several different categories. Nice app to catch up.

Video: Lorde, 2Pac, & Beck Mashup – Pretty great mashup and cool video to boot.

Riding the Hashtag in Social Media Marketing – My friend Gary in the New York Times. Pretty hard to resist linking to it.

A burger manifesto for Ireland – Joanne Cronin thinks the Irish shouldn’t settle for a bad burger.

Video: Honey by Scotland’s Canteen – New girl band rising up in Scotland.

What I saw this week #10: November 1, 2013

It has been a busy few weeks at Plain. But even busy weeks yield interesting things online. Here are a few:

My friend Bryan Jackson, who passed away this week at only 26. Photo by Josiah Vandien.

Video: Slowmo iPhone 5s video on Instagram – Ryan Pernofski shares some great slow motion videos on Instagram using the new iPhone 5s.

Profitless Prosperity – Fred Wilson discusses why Amazon is so valued by Wall Street. If you read this and then think about Apple you’ll see why Wall Street has such a hard time valuing Apple even though they are making record-breaking profits. They are the opposite of Amazon.

How to Moonwalk – This series of GIFs make it easy.

A Game of Shark and Minnow – Excellent and beautiful piece from the The New York Times Magazine.

Stephen Fry as Master of Laketown – Is it December yet?

App: Slow Fast Slow – Record slow motion videos that are even slower than the built-in iOS app.

Animals with Misleading Names – A lot of animals have names that do not reflect what they truly are.

Andrew Kim on Microsoft Stories – Good interview. Looking forward to seeing what he’s working on.

I Put a Spell On You – Paul Kafisis put a spell on John Gruber which ended up determining the result of this year’s Major League Baseball season. Believe it.