What I saw this week #35: March 17, 2017

I took two weeks off for travel/vacation (and didn’t read much online during that time) so this list will likely be a bit all over the place and sparse.

Dunbar’s Number – I’ve read about this a few times. Caterina Fake, co-founder of Flickr and other things, reminded me of it in her TOI post this week. This principle keeps popping up up over and over for me and it something I’m seriously considering about acting against somehow. (such as limiting myself to 150 points of contact in my entire life across all media) More on this in the future perhaps.

Hacks many developers don’t know about – This is a great list of some relatively simplistic things that many developers may have overlooked. There is one item on this list that made my jaw drop; that for at least 5 years browsers automatically assign global JavaScript variables for all DOM elements that have an ID. This is a huge find.

Video: Ratchet Face w/ Orchestral AccompanimentLast week I linked to Tom Thum’s Ratchet Face. I dug around and found a performance he did with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra. Watch his face when the orchestra chimes in.

Pixel Dreams – Great pixel art on Twitter. Here is a recent piece I liked.

Video: The Professor – The Professor, the street basketball star, goes to Kazakstan to school a pro. The behind-the-back/between-opponents-legs is an amazing move.

Video: How Earth movies – A great explanation of so many things about how Earth moves from the always excellent VSauce.

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