About me

Me biting ice in Iceland
Me, in Iceland in 2018 – Photo by Eliza Devroe

My name is pronounced Kah•lin Dev•roo.

I have had a website for 30 years. It helps me to think more clearly and share my ideas and personal work. It is my home and playground on the web.

I tend to have many personal creative and professional projects going at one time. While this has caused me some frustration in the past, I’ve now learned to embrace this part of my personality – having multiple creative outlets keeps me motivated, interested, and always trying to learn.

My current projects are Stripe Transfer, CCBUILT, The Watercolor Gallery, Stupid, and my personal photographic work. Some of them generate revenue, others do not. I’m very grateful that I can choose which of my personal projects need to do so.

I’m Senior Product Manager at NerdPress currently working on Hubbub. I’ve had the privilege of working with some great people at some amazing companies during my career. Some of them I built myself; like Plain, which built Barley and Unmark. Others I helped grow like Viddler and The 9rules Network. IYKYK. I’ve personally grown and learned from each of these experiences.

What is my blog about?

I write about what interests me. Writing helps me think more clearly and to form or transform my opinions. I write a lot about blogging, social media, photography, technology, and my personal projects.

Would you like to subscribe to my website? I’ve created a page to explain how to subscribe to my blog if you’re interested.

Contacting me

You can email me at colin@cdevroe.com.

My avatar
My avatar by Jeremy Brown.

Licensing my images

You can license my images for commercial use by paying me. But you can use them non-commercially by giving proper and accurate attribution.