What I saw this week #17: October 27, 2016

This week it feels like I saw tons of great things but when I checked my list in Simplenote for this post it wasn’t as full as I thought it would be. So I need to do a better job next week of keeping track of all the great things I’ve seen.

One Letter Removed – Take a movie title. Remove one letter from it. Draw the result.

WOW Framework for Design – The word "framework" may throw you off. Go check out what Matt D. Smith is up to.

10 years of Brain Pickings – Love this blog.

Arctic by Timtothewild – The audio in this is all hand done and astounding. Love it. Also on Soundcloud.

Visual Vibes: Arctic – I mentioned Ben Brown’s vlogs from the Arctic. This was the film he made there and debuted it at the Buffer Festival.

Modern Layouts: Getting Out of Our Ruts by Jen Simmons – Great video presentation by Jen Simmons. Recommended. I had this one in Unmark for a while.

Danny’s links – He is sharing links on Monday. See also, his movie reviews.

Microsoft – Check out their site. They released Surface Studio and an updated Surface Book on Wednesday.

Apple – Apple released a lackluster update to the Macbook Pro.

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