What I saw this week #26: December 30, 2016

As we end the year I just wanted to say that I hope those of you that are reading and following the links in these posts find them useful. I’ve been referring to the archive a lot lately to send friends links to things. I try to keep the list light, fun, useful, and all around interesting. I’m going to continue doing it through 2017.

The West Wing Weekly – If you know me at all you know that I love The West Wing. I’ve seen all 7 seasons multiple times. Ok, more like 5 times. I remember listening to the first episode of The West Wing Weekly and thinking I wouldn’t like it. This week I revisited it and now I’m up to episode 1.09 and I’m loving it. Recommended.

CSS Writing Modes – A great piece by Jen Simmons.

Adilyn Malcolm – Mark my words, this girl is going to be something in a few years. Subscribe to her YouTube now so you can say you knew her when…

Punching tip – This punching tip that Michael Jai White gives to Kimbo Slice is both simple and amazing. Why am I watching punching tips? I don’t know either.

Mackenzie Kramer – Killer crossover from this 8th grader.

TECBridge Radio – TECBridge has a new radio-show cum podcast.

Mantis – A bug tracker we’ve recently employed at work. We like it.

The Darth Side – This blog from years ago came up in discussion this week. So, so good.

Telsa predicts accident – Autonomous cars cannot reach mainstream fast enough in my opinion.

Carrie Fisher roast of George Lucas – I miss her already.

Jeff Bridges’ web site – Just a reminder that his site and photography is amazing.

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