What I saw this week #1: August 23, 2013

Inspired by Om Malik’s What I’m Reading Today and Heather B. Armstrong’s Stuff I Found While Looking Around comes my own series of posts; What I saw this week.


Video: CarChat with Don Dethlefsen of The WerkShop about the 1970 BMW 3.0si Estate Wagon – If I ever have the resources to restore an old classic car (and I hope to restore an early 60s Lotus Elite some day) I think I now know who to call. /via Jason Fried.

Chris Coleman finds Sand People in Star Wars – Episode IV – I always thought the same thing that Chris Coleman did… "What is Luke talking about?" Until I saw the widescreen version of Star Wars years later.

Hank Bought a Bus – For his Masters Final Project Hank bought a bus and converted it into a tiny living space. Awesome. Follow along.

Soylent: What Happened When I Stopped Eating for Two Weeks – Shane Snow publishes an in-depth and personal look at drinking nothing but soylent for two weeks on Tim Ferris’ blog.

Digg.com – Digg is now sending a daily email digest of the best stuff featured on Digg.com for that day. Unlike so many other email digests I’ve found the first few weeks of this new feature of  Digg.com to be quite enjoyable. Perhaps you will too.

The Best Thing I Ever Created by Jeremy Keith – Shutterstock has a new series on their blog and in this installment Jeremy Keith talks about the inception and evolution of thesession.org.

Video: Ugmonk by Jeff Sheldon – A great video showing off the Ugmonk brand. /via Kyle Ruane.

Video: Siskel and Ebert interview Lucas, Spielberg, and Scorcese in 1990 – I was 9 years old when this interview aired on television. It is fascinating.

Podcast: Allan Branch on leaving LessConf to focus on LessAccounting – My friend Allan Branch was interviewed on episode 40 of Product People. He’s a good dude.

Photo: Times Square, New York City, in 1903 – /via Yaron Schoen.

Steve Ballmer’s Memo to MSFT employees – He’s retiring within a year. Long overdue. Who will be next? Jon Rubinstein might be a good fit.

POP – A menubar app for Mac that shows you the most popular links from your Twitter feed.

Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano almost drowns during space walk – This is pretty incredible. /via The Loop.

NBA to install SportVU cameras for every team – These cameras record the movement of all players and refererees several times per second. Teams can then use that data to build models after such as how Toronto did. Wicked. /via Shadoe Huard.

Chineasy, Building Blocks – As a genius way to learn Chinese, check out these building blocks.

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