What I saw this week #29: January 20, 2017

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Best selfie ever? – Definitely in the running.

Joe Robinet – I’ve been digging Joe’s stuff on YouTube.

Behind-the-scenes of Rogue One – Photos by Alex Benetel.

Zuckerberg’s team – A team of a dozen people help Mark Zuckerberg capture his day for his Facebook page. Believe me, you’ll see a lot more of this (and at different scales). Even if you’re a single person you should be thinking in terms of capturing rather than creating.

Video: How Louis C.K. tells a joke – Another great breakdown from Evan Puschak.

JavaScript by the numbers – Some popular projects and rising stars.

Bootstrap 4 – I’m really digging the latest release of Bootstrap. I redid my blog’s markup and marked up Condron Media with it is as well.

Slack’s Threads – Great article showing how hard it was to get this feature right, but I think Slack did.

Audio: Quest Love interview – Quest Love was on Alec Baldwin’s Here’s The Thing.

Video: Kevin Costner and James Corden – Interesting to look back at this before Corden started his show and how massively successful he’s been since.