What I saw this week #36: March 24, 2017

Chrome v57 is really cramping my style. It only shows me the last few days of browsing history. I hope they fix this issue soon. So, this week is a little light as a result. Sorry.

Bullet Journal – I’ve been meaning to try this for a few years and so starting on Monday I began using this method to keep track of notes and tasks and some events. It doesn’t replace my calendar.

Catching a real ball in VR – Disney Research is up to some cool things.

Cell division time-lapse – Watch a tadpole egg’s cells divide in this 23s time-lapse that spans 33 hours.

New particles – The Large Hadron Collider has been a super effective tool to-date. These most recently discovered particles just add to the collection of discoveries it is tallying.

Zach Lower on Instagram – Superb Instagram account. Watch for the transitions between scenes.

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