What I saw this week #13: September 30, 2016

I’m resurrecting an old series of posts that I used to publish here called "What I saw this week". In this series I’d publish a single post per week with some of the things I came across that week that I thought were interesting. It allowed me to link to interesting things without posting too many individual posts to my blog that are seemingly unrelated to what I’d like my blog to focus on.

My personal blog should mainly be about the things I enjoy the most… programming, hiking, kayaking, photography and blogging. However, I’m fascinated by a terrible amount of things. Hopefully by resurrecting this series it will save me from publishing too much drivel to my blog, keep it on focus, and yet still scratch this itch that I have to share all of these interesting things.

I’m going to publish one of these posts every Friday at 10:30am eastern. So, watch for it.

If you’d like to see previous posts, you can look at the what-i-saw tag. I went back and looked and there was some really good stuff in there.

Music theory for nerds by Eevee – If you’re like me and can’t wrap your head around musical notation, perhaps a nerds-eye-view of the subject will help. It did for me.

Interesting Slack conventions – Michael Lopp, VP of Engineering at Slack, covers a few interesting conventions he’s found useful in Slack. I’ve never heard of the raccoon (not a default emoji) or dolphin being used in such ways. Fascinating.

China has the world’s largest radio telescope – The photos I’ve seen so far do not do it justice. This dish is 1500′ across. Amazing.

Summer Road Trip 2016 – Back in August Maria Langer blogged about each leg of her summer road trip. Her posts inspired me to write about my hikes. You’ll want to grab a beverage and read a post or two. It may take  you a few sessions to finish this series.

Anthony Bourdain AMA – Parts Unknown kicked off again this weekend (sadly, I don’t have cable so I’ll have to wait until it hits Netflix). Bourdain did another Reddit AMA and, as always, it is worth picking through to find the good bits.

T-Rex impression – This guy’s T-Rex is just great.

GoPro KarmaDJI Mavic – Both GoPro and DJI have announced their newest products and both of them are small yet capable flying camera platforms. Both compelling offerings.

Millennium Falcon coffee table – What an awesome way to show off a lego set.