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What I saw this week #58: March 22, 2019

Here are some things I’ve seen recently:

What I saw this week #57 – February 29, 2019

Don’t have time to get to all of these links today? No problem. Try Unmark (I’ll send you an invite if you’d like.)

Also, there are tons more.

  • Apollo-related stuff: With it being the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo program there is a slew of content surfacing this year. Here are a few things I’ve enjoyed and a few things I’m looking forward to.
  • WWW – the original proposal for what is now the internet.
  • Financial Windfalls – Topic interviewed 15 people about what they did with sudden influxes of cash ranging from a few thousand dollars to huge piles of dough. Interesting read.
  • Why do Zebras have stripes? – I don’t think I would have guessed the reason.
  • Stephen Wolfram’s computer set up – I thought I was bad by being picky. While not nearly as outrageous, this reminds me of Richard Stallman’s rider.
  • 50,000 images of the moon – Composite image of the moon created from 50,000 images. Very cool.
  • The Lion Whisperer – I remember a few GoPro promo videos with Kevin Richardson but I recently came across his channel on YouTube randomly. Fascinating YouTube channel and unbelievably incredible animals.

Reminder: These lists are never exhaustive. And I don’t keep impeccable records. I use Unmark to save most of these but by-and-large I allow some randomness into this process to create these lists.

I’m always looking for interesting things so please feel free to send a few my way if you find something you think I might be interested in.

What I saw this week #56 – February 15, 2019

See more in this series.

What I saw this week #55 – February 8, 2018

I want to be regular with this series. I do. I’ve just been busy. Sorry. Here are some links that you might find interesting. I did.

What I saw this week #54: January 11, 2019

Here are a few things that came across my desk this week

  • Yo-Yo Ma on Song Exploder – I really enjoyed this episode of what is always a fantastic podcast.
  • Cocaine Hippos – As I was reading the Wikipedia entry for Hippopotamuses (as one does) I came across the fact that Pablo Escobar single handedly brought hippos to South America and they are still there.
  • Teaching Chinese in Kenya – Starting at age 10 children in Kenya will now be taught Mandarin. This says a lot about China’s economic growth over the last 3 or 4 decades.
  • Alaska by Tim Kellner – As per usual Kellner absolutely smashes it. The sound editing alone is amazing. See also: Arctic (mentioned in #17).
  • Infinite Now Live – Armand Dijcks (mentioned in #42) is back with a live performance of Infinite Now. I’d love to see this.

See more links in this series.

What I saw this week #53 – January 4, 2019

I’m bringing back my What I saw this week series of posts for 2019. Likely to be published on Fridays.

What I saw this week #52: July 13, 2018

More accurately, what I’ve seen somewhat lately.

I’ve been off my blogging game lately as I’m making the switch from Mac to Windows. So I’m busy moving photo libraries, installing apps and services, configuring options, and learning keyboard shortcuts.

Here are a few things I wish I had more time to write about, but do not.

  • Android P Beta 4 – Android P is looking like a very solid release of Android. I’m tempted to run these betas but I’ve been patient.
  • Firefox – I’ve switched to using Firefox full-time across all platforms. I’ve been doing so for a few months now and I’m loving it.
  • Firefox Containers & Firefox Color – Both of these are great “pilot” extensions. Oh, and I was wrong in 2017 when I thought “Containers” was the wrong word. It was the right word.
  • Wired on Surface Go – The Surface Go looks like a fantastic device at a fantastic price. The only thing I would change about it would be to include the keyboard. The Surface needs a keyboard because Windows 10’s tablet mode isn’t very good (yet?)
  • Magic Leap’s recent demo – I’ve been keeping my eye on many things MR (mixed reality) and Magic Leap is one of them. They are purposefully not showing off their technology. I haven’t figured out why yet. It could either be that it is impossible to show their tech in a video and you have to experience it to get the full effect, or it isn’t nearly as good as they lead on. I’m willing to bet the former only because of the enormous amount of capital they’ve raised. I hope their investors demanded a demo prior to investing.
  • MSFT Teams goes free – I use Teams every day at work. It isn’t very good. Especially when you compare it to Slack. Slack is very, very, very good. And Teams is hardly tolerable. Microsoft has a lot of catching up to do here. However, in a recent video Satya says he uses it every day so I hope it gets the attention it needs. Who would have thought that team chat would have been such a massive sector?
  • Digg’s v4 launch – Will Larson recounts the launch of Digg 4.0. Fairly brutal. But I can say that my experience launching things isn’t that far off from what he recounts. Launch days are incredible. Even if well planned.
  • B2B vs B2C – Justin Kan on the differences between the two markets. I agree with him. I love B2B. See also.

I hope within a few weeks I’ll be back to my normal publishing self. Until then…

What I saw this week #51: March 16, 2018

Between our trip to Kentucky and starting a new position (and other things) I haven’t had any blogging time. It was good to have a bit of a break I think. Here are some things I saw recently.

  • Brain Pickings on Hawking – Of course, Brain Pickings is so so good. Interesting thought about Hawking; though he was one of our weakest, he helped us understand some of the most powerful things in the universe.
  • Xamarin now on MSFT Docs – The Xamarin documentation has a new home. This is good. But, I can say that working with Xamarin a bit over the last year the entire platform is so much better than the documentation. It needs a lot of help.
  • turns 20 – Amazing achievement. Well done Jason.
  • Light paths of drones – So cool. I would love to try something like this over the summer.
  • Parecki’s IndieWeb Reader – Fun project. I need to look into it more.
  • Space changed Scott Kelly’s genes – I don’t fully understand everything about this, but any change at all seems amazing to me. Much more research is needed and I have the feeling we’re going to get it over the next 5 decades of space travel and life.
  • Kalen Allen – I wish he did a video every day.
  • Minimalist wardrobe – Matt D’Avella is back with another great YouTube video. As a result of watching this video I through out an entire garbage bag of clothes. Thanks Matt.

That’s it for this week. I hope to return to a somewhat regular publishing routine soon but until then I hope you’re all ready for spring!

What I saw this week #50: March 2, 2018

The last post in this series came in August 2017. Don’t call this a comeback, but I’d like to do more of these since I won’t be blogging daily as much for a few months.

Great list this week. There are many others. If you look in the right places the internet is full of amazing.

What I saw this week #49: August 25, 2017

Here are a few things that I think you should see.