What I saw somewhat recently #91: February 9, 2022

Penelope, January 2022

This week I feel like I’m at war with my photo library. I’m attempting to move files around, verify back ups, and generally do a clean up – and at every step I feel like the photo library is winning. I continue to wish this were easier.

Onto the links!

  • MapOut – This app looks very useful.
  • New England Forests – I’ve been fascinated by Tom Wessels’ forest forensics.
  • Programmer blogs – I created a thread on Hacker News (no, I don’t know why) asking for blogs of programmers. I now have more than enough links to pick through.
  • Aine Divine – I’m learning a lot from Aine. I enjoyed watching her on Portrait Artist of the Year.
  • Flattened cans – I appreciate a good collection of inconsequential things.
  • Root System Drawings – Incredible body of work.

Until next time. Oh! Before you go. I don’t follow nearly as many things online as I once did. As a result, I’m seeing less things online. Which I like. But, if you think I should see something be sure to reach out.

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