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  • Audio: Starting and finishing

    Recorded on February 18, 2022 Join me as I scan some photos and chat about starting things and finishing things. Are you dealing with the same thing? Write a comment! (Audio clip unfound. I’ll try to restore this file in the future.)

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  • What I saw somewhat recently #91: February 9, 2022

    This week I feel like I’m at war with my photo library. I’m attempting to move files around, verify back ups, and generally do a clean up – and at every step I feel like the photo library is winning. I continue to wish this were easier. Onto the links! Until next time. Oh! Before…

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  • An interview with artist Marc Taro Holmes

    Late last week I published an interview with Marco Taro Holmes, one of the original members of Urban Sketchers, on my now 10-year old web site The Watercolor Gallery. It was a pleasure to interview Marc and a lot of his answers epitomize the reason I built The Watercolor Gallery in 2010 – to inspire…

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