What I saw somewhat recently #92: March 3, 2022

An LED light on a frozen pond

I had a much longer list of links that I was going to share but I slowly pruned that list down to just a few. I’ve been very focused on gobbling up as much photography as I can lately. As spring breaks I’m very much looking forward to getting back out and shooting once again.

  • Hosting a site on Pi, cellular, and solar – Jeff Geerling built a Raspberry Pi hosting setup that ran off of solar and cellular. And then put his personal site on it.
  • Custom Wordle – There are a lot of Wordle clones, of course, but this one allows you to create your own word and send it to your friends. Could be useful to send surprise messages.
  • River runner – Tap anywhere on the map, and River runner will show you how that raindrop would get to the ocean.
  • Mavicazine – Photos that were taken by, and in some cases corrupted by, a Sony Mavic.
  • The Last of the First Skiers – A photo series by Jonas Bendisken.
  • Elif’in Hecesi – This YouTube channel showcases people playing different musical instruments from all around the world.

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