What I saw somewhat recently #89: December 17, 2021

Penelope says gm.

  • Phone-sized Faraday Bags – Matt Blaze tests some ways to block every signal coming out of your phone. Techie stuff.
  • World Chess Championship Game 6 – I play chess with friends from time-to-time. I’ve researched opening moves, middle games, and end games. So my experience is just enough to fully appreciate Magnus Carlsen’s skill – and this high energy breakdown of what is now the longest game in World Chess Championship history.
  • Iconmap – 425,000 favicons on a grid. And an interesting analysis as well.
  • Tetris thread on Twitter – It turns out, there is a lot of physical technique that comes into play to be the best at Tetris. This thread on Twitter enlightened me to that world. It also reminds me of Mario speed runs which I love.
  • Sheron Rupp’s photographic work – Ohio #2 is a banger.
  • Remote work should be (mostly) asynchronous – A good reminder from HBR. I’ve sent this to my team.
  • The art of disappearing – Poem by Noami Shihab Nye. Via SwissMiss.
  • Beneath the Bird Feeder – Photo series by Carla Rhodes. This gives me all sorts of ideas.
  • ShareBot – This little utility Mac app by Pedro José Pereira Vieito allows you to put any Shortcut (from macOS’s built-in Shortcuts app) into the Share Menu. Why Apple is dragging its feet making this happen I do not know. But I bought this app instantly.
  • Get Back – This documentary, edited by Peter Jackson using 60+ hours worth of footage shot in 1969, is absolutely incredible. I’m sure you’ve seen many, many opinions on it so I didn’t write up my own thoughts. I don’t write music, but I do consider myself a creative person in my own right. And watching this was like watching myself work with my friends. I loved it.

Also, just some quick things that don’t have any specific links that you may want to search on Duck.com; Steph Curry’s 3-point record, the James Webb Telescope, the analysis of the tornadoes that hit the mid-west last weekend.

Until next time.

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