What I saw somewhat recently #75: April 29, 2021

A row of tulips.

Our tulips are opening up

Now that I’ve reached 75 of these posts I want to spruce them up a little. I’m going to start posting every single Thursday and I’d like to add a mobile photograph I’ve taken that week. I also plan on going back through all of the posts and making a “best of” list.

These aren’t the most popular post type on my blog but I enjoy them a lot and I reference them all the time. And I also like that I’m linking to cool things that other people are doing because that is what I’m all about.

Now, onto the links:

  • The scientific photographs of Bernice Abbott – Imagine you were given the assignment to capture some basic science using old photography equipment. Her work is awesome.
  • This old man parking – Amazing.
  • One year of game trail footage – I have a trail camera. I’ve captured a few things here and there. But I haven’t messed around much with scenting. This video gives me inspiration to do so.
  • California Typewriter – I’ve only had time to watch a few minutes of this but I immediately knew that I needed to set aside some dedicated time to it. I hope that by the end of it I’m not shopping for a typewriter.
  • The Ted Lasso recipe – _David Smith does the yeoman’s work and finds the recipe to Ted Lasso’s shortbread recipe thanks to a small “Easter egg” at the end of an Apple Event video. We will be making this recipe.
  • Robin Sloan’s Notes – I’ve only just recently subscribed but I’m liking what I’m seeing.

Thanks for following along. Stay subscribed!

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