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  • Spring ’83 – a fun internet protocol

    Robin Sloan: What follows is a narrative description of a protocol that I believe might open up some interesting new possibilities on the internet. My goal here isn’t to “sell you” on its design; rather, I just want to lay out my thinking as clearly as I can. I’m long, long overdue on reading Sloan’s proposal for a…

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  • Robin Sloan on Web3

    I’ve been meaning to link to Robin Sloan’s “counterweight to the growing hype” of Web3 for many weeks and forgotten. I think it pairs nicely with my link to Molly White’s Web3 hype damper. Robin’s piece does more than simply attempt to squash the excitement of someone curious about Web3. It is a fair and…

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  • What I saw somewhat recently #75: April 29, 2021

    Our tulips are opening up Now that I’ve reached 75 of these posts I want to spruce them up a little. I’m going to start posting every single Thursday and I’d like to add a mobile photograph I’ve taken that week. I also plan on going back through all of the posts and making a…

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