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Subscribing to my blog is sort of like following someone on Instagram or Twitter. Each day, when you check your blog subscription service or app of choice, anything I had published will be delivered directly to you. This saves you from needing to remember to visit my site every day.

This is done using RSS. You can subscribe to my site and billions of others using this same technology making it super simple to keep up-to-date with all of them in one place.

The URL for my RSS feed is

You can copy and paste that URL into any RSS reader service or app on any device or platform and it will work.

Here are some services and apps that you can use to subscribe to my blog.

  • macOS or iOS app: NetNewsWire
  • Inoreader via RSS
  • Feedly via RSS
  • – is an entire platform for following sites and creating your own. Mine is automatically syndicated there.

If you’d like to just follow my podcast, you can use RSS for that too. In fact, all podcasts use RSS. You can subscribe to my podcast using an app on your phone, computer, or tablet that will deliver each episode to you as they are available. Go to the link above to see the list of apps that currently support my podcast.

If you have any questions about RSS or how to use it feel free to reach out.