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What I saw this week #51: March 16, 2018

Between our trip to Kentucky and starting a new position (and other things) I haven’t had any blogging time. It was good to have a bit of a break I think. Here are some things I saw recently.

  • Brain Pickings on Hawking – Of course, Brain Pickings is so so good. Interesting thought about Hawking; though he was one of our weakest, he helped us understand some of the most powerful things in the universe.
  • Xamarin now on MSFT Docs – The Xamarin documentation has a new home. This is good. But, I can say that working with Xamarin a bit over the last year the entire platform is so much better than the documentation. It needs a lot of help.
  • turns 20 – Amazing achievement. Well done Jason.
  • Light paths of drones – So cool. I would love to try something like this over the summer.
  • Parecki’s IndieWeb Reader – Fun project. I need to look into it more.
  • Space changed Scott Kelly’s genes – I don’t fully understand everything about this, but any change at all seems amazing to me. Much more research is needed and I have the feeling we’re going to get it over the next 5 decades of space travel and life.
  • Kalen Allen – I wish he did a video every day.
  • Minimalist wardrobe – Matt D’Avella is back with another great YouTube video. As a result of watching this video I through out an entire garbage bag of clothes. Thanks Matt.

That’s it for this week. I hope to return to a somewhat regular publishing routine soon but until then I hope you’re all ready for spring!

I wrote a piece on LinkedIn about why you should attend events. I also jotted down some notes from the last 18-months of going to a few events.

Kentucky is proving to be a good place to find bourbon.

Columbus Ohio is a bit of alright.

The Yard – March 2018

What I saw this week #50: March 2, 2018

The last post in this series came in August 2017. Don’t call this a comeback, but I’d like to do more of these since I won’t be blogging daily as much for a few months.

Great list this week. There are many others. If you look in the right places the internet is full of amazing.

Updated my about page. More details on some personal changes in a few weeks.

Sixers over Cavaliers. 💪

Electric City Bakehouse, Penn Avenue, Scranton, PA – February 2018

New cupcake joint downtown. I picked up something for Eliza yesterday after a nice walk around enjoying the weather.

What I would write about Vero

Colin Walker wrote his hot take on Vero and it is exactly what I would have written (only his post is far more eloquent than mine would have been). Go read the entire post but here are a few highlights.

As soon as I saw what Vero was all about – the idea it “makes sharing online more like real life” using selective audiences I was immediately taken back to the promises of Google+ and its circles.

This is an apt comparison. As he rightly points out, managing ones Circles on Google+ and deciding who to share what with is exhausting to the user. On paper it seems like an excellent approach. But on every social network that has this feature – Facebook included – it is rarely used. Who wants to move people from one list to another only to move them back again when your relationship with them shifts?

Although Vero promises an algorithm free feed and no ads (it will monetise using subscriptions and charges for selling via the platform) I’m not sure that jumping from the frying pan of one silo straight into the as yet unproven fire of another is what we really need right now.

I thought about this when I signed up. However, it doesn’t take much for a platform like Vero to support the open web and be less of a silo than Facebook or Twitter. An open API, data portability, and support for one’s own domain are the main features. I can’t presume that no other platforms will support the open web eventually. In fact, imagine if Twitter did this like Medium has? Then what would people think of Twitter?

I wish them well and hope they prove me wrong but, while I think the noise about Russian developers and the CEO being the son of a former Lebanese prime minister is stupid and tantamount to inciting racial hatred, I’m afraid I won’t be signing up.

I’m very glad he brought this up. When I saw the drivel on Twitter about these details about this platform I was saddened. Are we saying all Russian developers are bad? Or all Lebanese billionaires? I would always urge caution when signing up to brand-new platforms but to think we’d all call these people out simply based on where they were born is… well Colin already said what it is.

Eliza and I poked around with Vero as much as we could while the app crashed and timed out. It won’t stick. Not because of the scaling issues – most platforms have those. It won’t stick because it will be far too noisy for users right out of the gate.

When Instagram pivoted from a check-in app to a filtered photo app it exploded because it made photo editing and publishing one simple step. It did one thing well. Slowly it has added other features but this primary feature is still the foremost one today. Vero has photos, music, links, books etc. Once the hype settles down people just want to post photos. Instagram should be scared of whatever comes next. Obviously people (including me) do not like the current algorithmic feed. But Vero is no Instagram killer.

Went back to this week. Missed it.

It stays light just long enough to go for a short walk after work. The stampede of spring quickens.

Frosty morning prep flights for a gear check.

The Anthracite Center, Carbondale, PA – February 2018

I seldom get the chance to drive through Carbondale at night. It was nice to see The Anthracite Center lit up.

Kevin Nealon has a YouTube channel where he goes hiking with famous people. 2018 y’all.

Cracked open a new bullet journal this week.

90 minutes of full-court basketball felt great.

Just downgraded iCloud and Drive to their least expensive plans. Sick of dealing with the cloud. I’m now investing in my own storage.

Just drafted a lengthy post entirely within LinkedIn’s editor. It isn’t terrible but with a few tweaks it could be so much better.

Discover Weekly is the DJ of the decade.