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I'm liking Danny Nicolas @djloche's Film in 2016 post where he has the movies he's seen so far this year in order of his own rating. I'm glad to see Midnight Special and 10 Cloverfield Lane represented at the top but I wouldn't put Zootopia in the top spot. - 9:24am on October 26th, 2016

I'm happy to see Kyle Slattery @kyleslattery posting images to his site on a regular basis. I hope he keeps it up. He has some great images to share. - 10:41am on October 24th, 2016

How do we force Apple to allow us to choose default browser, email client, etc. on iOS? Ask the DOJ? - 3:51pm on October 20th, 2016

Keep in mind while watching tech reviewers on YouTube; there is one critical component to their review that is always missing - they didn't work hard, save up for, painstakingly research, and pay for that product. This makes it easier for them to be objective in some ways but it also softens the blow when a product doesn't work quite right. - 11:15am on October 20th, 2016

Eliminating any media after 6pm the last two nights has led to the best sleep I've had in over a year. - 9:10am on October 19th, 2016

I only have 1 trail left to hike, which will happen this evening, and 3 posts left to write, which I'll finish over the next two weeks, before I've completed all of the trails in Lackawanna State Park. It was a fun goal. - 2:14pm on October 18th, 2016

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Foggy sunset, Greenfield Township, PA – September 2016

October 20th, 2016

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