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Joining Condron Media

I see huge opportunity in digital marketing over the next decade. We’re now reaching the point where billions of people are using social platforms to share information every single day, where the vast majority of a person’s attention is on an internet-based platform rather than a broadcast one, and, where the tools are in-place to […]


It is pretty jarring when you're the last one in the office and the fax machine starts printing something and you temporarily forgot what a fax machine even was...

The stretch goal

Manton Reece has added a thoughtful stretch goal to’s Kickstarter campaign: If the Kickstarter reaches $80,000, I will use some of the money to make my very first part-time hire for a community manager. The community manager will help set the tone for the service, work on documentation and best practices, and be […]


Power-save mode

Lauren Pittenger: Reminds me of all of the times I’ve been told I’m too quiet, or “you haven’t moved from this spot this entire party.” Or feeling bad about hanging out with (only) my cat all the time or that weird thing where I can write better than I speak. Or sitting as far away […]

Read more...’s iPhone app

Manton Reece recently published an update to’s Kickstarter showing a video demonstration of the iPhone app he’s creating for the service. He mentions a really important point that I think many are missing (as I mentioned just a few moments ago). He says (at 53 seconds into the video): Now, you can have […]

Read more... shutting down

Dalton Caldwell: We envisioned a pool of differentiated, fast-growing third-party applications would sustain the numbers needed to make the business work. Our initial developer adoption exceeded expectations, but that initial excitement didn’t ultimately translate into a big enough pool of customers for those developers. I’ve been a paying subscriber to for the entire life of the platform (that is, until […]


Cartographic comparison between Google and Apple Maps

Justin O’Beirne: In this series of essays, we’ll compare and contrast the cartographic designs of Google Maps and Apple Maps. We’ll take a look at what’s on each map and how each map is styled, and we’ll try to uncover the biggest differences between the two. The intro and parts 1 and 2 are already published. […]



_DavidSmith has a new side project called PodSearch. He explains: The concept was simple. Take a few of my favorite podcasts and run them through automated speech-to-text and make the result searchable. It works. I’m still waiting for Google to add real contextual search to video and audio. They’ve got images working well. And Pinterest […]


What I saw this week #28: January 13, 2017

Video: What Comes Next is the Future – A documentary-style look back at the evolution of the web, and its underlying technologies that make it up, using interviews with those who have crafted and curated those technologies. Advanced Symbols in Sketch – A great tutorial by Matt D. Smith. Atom Dash – Via Lauren Pittenger […]


From the perspective of an entire sleeve of chocolate chip cookies I am a Supermassive Blackhole. There is no escape.

Attending January’s NEPA.js meet up

Photo: Aaron Rosenberg presenting an intro to Node.js. January’s NEPA.js meet up, the second monthly meet up for this group, was held on Tuesday evening at the Scranton Enterprise Center. This group, though only a few months old, is starting to get its legs underneath it and it is really great to see the community building. […]


Attending the Wilkes-Barre Programming meetup

On Saturday I braved the frigid temperatures and attended a Wilkes-Barre Programming meetup at the Osterhaut Free Library in downtown Wilkes-Barre. I arrived a few minutes late – it was Saturday so of course I had to make myself some breakfast, enjoy my coffee, watch a little YouTube prior to getting out in the elements […]


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