What I saw somewhat recently #74: April 22, 2021

  • Wormhole – Send up to 10GB files, E2EE.
  • Swipey Image Grids – Very cool use of SVG and practical application from Cassie Evans.
  • Wednesdays in Marblehead – What a great photo project.
  • IKEA ScrapsBook – What do you do with your leftovers? IKEA created a recipe book for your food scraps.
  • DPReview dives deep on Adobe Super Resolution – Comprehensive demonstration of what it can do. I’ve been using it a lot.
  • Instagram to RSS – I’m going to be setting this up soon. I’ve tried other solutions and this one looks the best.
  • Bryan Birks on YouTube – He’s quickly becoming one of my most favorite photographers on YouTube. He’s purposeful, has a vision, and bold. He’s very young. I’m eager to see what he does over time.

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