What I saw somewhat recently #79: June 3, 2021

Margarita painting session? Yes.

I work 4-day work weeks. So with the holiday being Monday everything was compressed into 3 days. I’m not complaining. However, it has meant that my internet travels were lessened some.

  • Glue – It looks nice, aesthetically. I don’t know why it exists or what it stands for or why anyone would use it over, say, Micro.blog or Tumblr or anything else. But I’m watching.
  • Twitter Follower Curator – Lets say you’re on Twitter and you have a fairly popular account. And you’d like to cull them based on known spam methods, etc. This script will trim your followers based on specific criteria.
  • Interview with Amy Sherald and Tyler Mitchell – Both great artists.
  • 1Password launches on Linux – A behind-the-scenes look at 1Password’s work on Linux. Pretty interesting read.
  • Raw Power for Mac – A photo editing app for macOS. Doing a trial of this app this weekend.
  • This tweet.
  • HTML and CSS – Ways to reduce JavaScript using HTML and CSS only.

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