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  • What I saw somewhat recently #79: June 3, 2021

    Margarita painting session? Yes. I work 4-day work weeks. So with the holiday being Monday everything was compressed into 3 days. I’m not complaining. However, it has meant that my internet travels were lessened some.

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  • Things about Windows 10 #3: Taskbar icon apps are frustrating

    In Things about Windows 10 #2 I wrote: It turns out Windows 10 is fairly terrible at remembering window sizes and placement when connecting to or disconnecting from an external display. This post is in a similar vein. The Windows 10 taskbar houses a few apps that constantly run such as OneDrive, Google Drive, Docker,…

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  • Learn 1Password

    Shawn Blanc, writing at The Sweet Setup: Learn 1Password will be a deep dive on one of our most irreplaceable apps. We’ll show you how 1Password works, and we’ll go through all the different ways you can use it: from a digital will, to sharing important information with your team members and family members, to…

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