What I saw somewhat recently #87: October 8, 2021

Southern BBQ

Almost a month since my last list. I’ve been busy. The photo above is a homemade southern BBQ I made last weekend. Smoked brisket, collards, Mac and cheese, cornbread, pickles and onions. All made by Eliza and I.

Now, onto the links:

  • Day to Night – An amazing photo series by Stephen Wilkes.
  • Close Encounters Diorama – I can’t imagine the patience it must take to make miniatures.
  • Point and Kill – A gorgeous music video from Little Simz. Directed by Ebeneza Blanche.
  • Nature Track – From ABC Radio comes a podcast Australian nature sounds.
  • Marginalia – A search engine designed to help you find things you didn’t know you were looking for. Like this list of links!
  • Ling’s Cars – Everything about this website is amazing.
  • VFXcool – Flight of the Navigator – Visual Effects superhuman “Captain Disillusion” walks us through the practical and computer generated effects of one of the greatest movies ever made.
  • Year of Coasts and Waters – A photo series by Alexander Williamson. I’d love to do a project like this some day.
  • Virtual Bookshelf – By Josef Chladek. I’m going to have to spend a lot more time here.
  • Paddington in all movies – Photoshopper Jaythechou does the yeoman’s work of putting Paddington in every movie.

I have a backlog the length of a DNA strand. I’ll be back soon with another list. I hope.

    That Ling’s Cars website is fantastic! I can just imagine the design brief: “Let’s make this as busy, bright, and animated as we can–and then turn it up to 11.” Amazingly, it’s still pretty easy to find your way around. That’s some pretty clever design.

    And I love the shaking head at the bottom, where it says, “You can trust me… I am Ling!”. 😆

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