What I saw this week #6: October 6, 2013

There was no link list last week because I was at the beach. And this week I’m a few days late because our team had a half-day with some festivities. My apologies. I hope this week’s video-heavy list makes up for having none last week.

575 Free Movies Online – A boat load of movies that you can watch for free online ranging from the 1930s to today. Pretty nice list. /via The Loop.

Video: Day One Journal – What a great video by Adam Lisagor and company for Day One. For people who make apps or services, this is how to make a video that showcases the application in use and the purpose behind the application.

App: Pincase – If you use Pinboard‘s bookmarking service I recommend taking a look at this app.

Video: FCTN Product Test 003: DJI Phantom – Take one of these crazy things put a camera on it and have someone that knows what they are doing fly it around in beautiful places.

Talking About Failure – Greg Knauss thinks that we should be more open to talking about our failures. Not just the small mistakes we make but also the big, heart-wrenching ones. I agree.

Videos: Talks from WebStock 2013 – A great conference in a country I absolutely need to visit.

Video: 4 Rules to Make Star Wars Great Again – So much work went into this video. And, I agree with every single point. So well done. /via The Loop.

Video: Steve Ballmer’s tearful goodbye – I have to say this entire farewell is just downright creepy. Microsoft’s financial success under Ballmer cannot be denied. Their failure in the computing, mobile, and services spaces though can’t be denied either. Windows and Office were rockets to the moon that lifted off decades ago and Ballmer somehow managed to keep them relatively on course. I’m glad to see him go as I see a lot of potential for Microsoft in the coming decades.

A case for something, anything more simple than WordPress – A post this week by your’s truly. Over 7,000 individuals around the world have read it so far. If you are a web developer and haven’t yet, give it a read. I hope you agree.

My "read later" list is completely jammed. I hope to eat through a few today and through the week so that next week we have some gems. Have a great weekend.

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