Windows. Mac. Android. iOS. It no longer matters what device you choose.

Or, at least it shouldn’t. And it is becoming less and less critical which platform you invest in.

In a fair review of the iPhone 5S from Andrew Kim whom, as always, pours over the device and provides a great and visual review, I liked this bit best about picking one platform over another.

We seem to get carried away trying to pick a singular winner. To be honest, it really doesn’t matter what you – or I – use at the end of the day. It’s just a window into services or information you’re looking for.

Exactly. Yes.

In my post about wishing that Windows Phone was a real horse in this race I noted how, in reality, it wasn’t the operating system itself that was lacking, on the contrary, but it was that there weren’t any applications for the services I want to use every day.

These devices we use; be them phones or computers or tablets or televisions, are all just different ways to get to our information, our photos, our friends. It really doesn’t matter which devices we prefer anymore. All that matters is that those devices support the services. That’s number one.

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