What I saw this week #5: September 20, 2013

Last week’s list was so rich with links that I had to hold a few back and work them into this week’s post. Some weeks there are just too many great things to link to.

Photo: M2-9 "Minkowski’s Butterfly" by Hubble, Edited by Judy Schmidt. /via APOD.

10 Cultural Giants Who Died Coinless – van Gogh, Schubert, Blake all died without a few nickels to rub together.

Jupiters Travels: Four Years Around the World on a Triumph – This is the book I’m going to read in October. You should too.

The Museum of Online Museums – I’ve kept up with Coudal’s growing list of online museums over the years. What a list!

The Netherlands to close some prisons – Why? Lack of criminals.

Presidential Op-Eds: Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, wrote in the New York Times, and Hassan Rouhani, President of Iran, wrote in The Washington Post. Next up: Obama on Barley.

A Negroni Recipe from Masters of Malt – They separated the recipe out through a series of tweets. Start here, then go here, then here, and here and here and here and here and here and here.

Video: The New Yorker gets a refresh – I hope they bring all of this style online. /via Jason Santa Maria on Twitter.

Video: Flying eagle point of view – Step 1: Strap a GoPro video camera to the back of an eagle. Step 2: Let him do his thing. Step 3: Get 3,000,000+ views.

2013 Astronomy Photographer of the Year winners – What amazing photographs of inner and outer space! Wow. Related: A nice short video about capturing the night sky.

Next week should be a light week as I’m off the beach again. Have a great week!

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