What I saw this week #4: September 13, 2013

Vacations are weird. We work really hard before vacation so that we can, you know, go on vacation, and we work really hard after vacation. I’m doing the latter part of that this week by trying to catch up from being a week away. I’ve been successful! Now, onto this week’s links.

Whisky tour of Scotland on Places To Travel To – (pictured) Whisky? Scotland? An impossible link to miss. /via Dan Rubin on Twitter.

Video: Patek Philippe Maintenance – How world class watchmaker Patek Philippe maintains a watch over many, many years. Their expertise dates back to 1839. Man I love watches.

Video: Business Insider on the new Guinness Ad – A love this ad and I love Guinness.

Tim Flannery says Jellyfish are taking over the world – After a recent trip to the beach where we saw more jellyfish than we ever have seen prior, and a friend getting stung on her hip a few miles north of us, I can say I concur.

100 | 50 | 1 – A photo exhibition curated by my friend Dan Rubin and others. Take a look at the site for the thorough explanation of the exhibition. Also, the list of photographers might be a good place to find some great people on Instagram to follow.

Flightradar24.com – Live flight information on a map. The number of planes in the air at any given time is nothing short of a amazing. Being able to follow along with them from my own computer is equally amazing.

Poorly Drawn Lines – I recommend this comic. That is all.

RIP Gotham – Michael Lopp really misses Instagram’s long-gone Gotham filter. Really misses it. So much so he goes to great lengths, using multiple apps, to achieve an arguably exact same filter.

Every Netflix TV Series sorted by IMDb ranking – An excellent resource for Netflix subscribers.

The PS Vita TV – Sony is introducing a new product into the Playstation universe. I’m not sure I would want another device on my TV but, at least it is pretty tiny.

Video: Phonebloks – Interesting idea. When we update our smartphones we’re typically buying updates to one or two components and some software. And each of us have different needs; longer battery life, better camera, etc. So Phonebloks could be one way to address waste and creating the perfect product that you need. I doubt this product will ever see the light of day but it is interesting to think about.

Bruce Schnierer on iPhone Fingerprint Security – An interesting post to say the least. The iPhone fingerprint scanner is an excellent use of technology and a real convenience but do not think it is infallible.

Photoset: Courvoisier by Finn Beales – Gorgeous photos of  "the landscape, chateau and cognac cellars in Jarnac, France".

A profile or interview of David Karp – Great interview. Seems like a guy I’d like to hang with. Worth it for the photos of the space he and his lady are putting together in Brooklyn alone.

A Guinness Bike – So awesome.

There were a lot more links this week but I don’t want this series to get too unwieldy. Over the next few weeks I’ll throw in a few extra links to make up. Enjoy your weekend!

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