What I saw this week #38: April 7, 2017

Don’t forget, you can see all posts in this series by skimming through the what-i-saw tag. Now, onto this week’s links.

Video: Puffer fish artist – Absolutely incredible stuff from such a small little fish.

Andy Baio is back – Not only is he blogging again but Upcoming has re-launched.

Stripe Atlas – The program is being expanded to US-based companies.

TRAPPIST-1Not so fast. It may be a bit too hot. Don’t worry, there are trillions of other star systems.

Video: Kurt Quinn – The guy can talk backwards. Really.

Me, on Mastodon – A decentralized, Twitter-like, microblogging service. Very interesting to follow along and see if this one sticks or not.

Deep Space Gateway – Super-cool plans from NASA to take us to Mars and beyond.

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