Things I saw this week #3: September 7, 2013

I’m vacationing on the beach in South Carolina with family so this week’s post is a day late and a little lighter than usual. I’m looking forward to getting back at it next week.

Video: The new trailer for Gravity. I’m very much looking forward to this movie if for no other reason than to see these shots on the big screen. The entire Plain team is going on opening day. /via Andy Rossi on Twitter.

Sony still has some tricks up their sleeves, it seems. Have the lens be the camera is cool. Is it functional and practical? Who cares. I said it was cool. /via Sebastiaan de With on Twitter.

Code and Tonic – Fellow Plain team member Tim Whitacre is sipping back some Plymouth Gin while sharing some interesting links for web developers. Powered by Barley, of course.

Read this tweet by Cabel Sasser.

Dave Shea has an open repository of geocoded data for local craft breweries in his area of Canada. I decided to do something similar and have created a repository for breweries, pubs, and wineries in northeastern Pennsylvania.