Collaborate on documents using Editorially – a simple web-based Markdown editor

For the last few months our team at Plain has been using Editorially to collaborate on blog posts, newsletters, magazine columns, interviews and much more. Now, we can’t live without it.

Editorially is a Markdown editor; which means a simple text-based markup language that allows you to add just enough emphasis and style to your documents to allow collaboration on just about any type of document you could imagine.

Above in the cropped screenshot of Editorially you’ll see a list of a few documents that I have in Editorially right now. A blog post for the Barley blog, a draft for Barley template requirements from Kyle, a blog post for the Plain blog, an interview in Web Designer Magazine in the UK from back in March, and more. On some of those documents I collaborated with Kyle Ruane, my co-founder at Plain. On others I collaborated with Melissa Haertsch our copyeditor. On others I collaborated with three, four, or five people to get the text just right. In all of those cases Editorially proved to be better than Google Docs and Microsoft Office.

Editorially is simple enough for anyone to use and advanced enough to use for any project. Today they’ve come out of their invite-only mode and are now allowing sign ups. Go try it out.

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