What I saw this week #16: October 21, 2016

Lots of things funneled in from Twitter this week. And yet, at the same time, Twitter may slowly be losing grip on its ability to stay in business. Pity.

Virtual Forest – VR is coming. Just watch Mark Zuckerberg’s demo recently and you’ll immediately see why a catalog like Virtual Forest is going to come in handy.

Flexbox gamesFlexbox is all the rage. But it seems to come with a learning curve. These games help with that. Cool idea.

Carolina Drama – Jack White was recently on The Prairie Home Companion. As was Lake Street Dive. Two of my favorite things musically on the same great show.

E.T. Rap Battles – Just click and see.

How a sprinkler works – Some things can be so incredibly simple that the brilliance of them boggles the mind.

Ken Bone pixel art – Jeremy Brown nails Bone’s stance.

Dope Vine – Incredibly well done.

Enterprise Bridge – 8 hours of beeps aboard the USS Enterprise.

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