What I saw this week #14: October 7, 2016

Nice blend of things things this week.

An interview with Aaron Hicklin – I enjoyed this interview and the idea behind the bookstore that is curated into collections by creatives people like actors and directors. Neat idea.

Photos from Rosetta – Rosetta smashed into its host comet this week and Flickr holds the photos it took.

The wasabi you eat probably isn’t real – A video about real wasabi. Fascinating.

How I work: Satya Nadella – Nice video featuring rapid fire questions with the Microsoft CEO. I like this Satya guy.

America’s Next Ninja Warrior – Dad builds his daughter a backyard Ninja Warrior course. Then narrates her completing it.

The alphabet on butterflies – Photographer Kjell Bloch photographs shapes and patterns on butterfly wings that match those of the alphabet. Awesome.

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