What I saw this week #15: October 14, 2016

I’m noticing that a fair portion of the items I’ve made note to include in this post are videos. That isn’t all bad. If you have time this weekend perhaps you’ll watch a few of them.

PowerPress Podcast – In this episode of this podcast MacKenzie Bennett and Jane Ellen talk about Anchor (which I mentioned earlier) and how it might be used. Good ideas.

The Hunt for an Alaskan Honeybee – Great interactive piece from NY Times.

Two trailers worth watching: Planet Earth II and Star Wars Rogue One.

Curry Caputo’s vlogs – Casey Neistat’s cousin has been vlogging for half-a-year in Maine.

Sun Oven – A product that I saw in one of Curry Caputo’s vlogs is the Sun Oven which using sunlight to cook things. Pretty cool.

Iceland Cycle Tour – Great photos and story from James Stevenson’s microadventure cycling in Iceland.

Slow mo bird video – From Konsta Punkka on Instagram.

Danny MacAskill’s Wee Day Out – You go in for the biking riding skills, you come out with Scotland wanderlust.

Universe updates: Our area of the Milky Way is 4x larger and the number of galaxies in the universe is 10x larger. Everything keeps getting bigger the more we learn.

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