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Jeff Mitchell hikes South Branch Trail

Jeff Mitchell, who has inspired me to hike in several locations due to his blog and books, somewhat recently hiked the South Branch trail of Lackawanna State Park. He writes: What a place to hike on a hot summer day, I thought.  It was noticeably cooler in this deep, shaded glen along the creek.  We […]


Exploring Conservation Island in Promised Land State Park

It takes just over an hour for me to get to Promised Land State Park. (See also, park map.) Because it isn’t too close to home I’ve only been to this park twice. Once two years ago to kayak and again just a few weeks ago with Jonathan Edwards to do a little UAV flying and […]


Creating your own hiking checklist

Have you ever bolted out the door to go hiking (or kayaking, photographing, cycling, it doesn’t matter) and when you arrive at your location you realize you forgot something at home? Say, a camera battery or a water bottle? Here is a simple way to reduce the number of times this happens to you: make a checklist. […]


Hiking Lackawanna State Park: Ranger Trail and Rowland’s Road

This post is part of a series of posts in my goal to hike every trail of Lackawanna State Park. Also see park map. Hiked in August 2016 – Approx. 2.5 miles – This first hike I completed with my father one Sunday morning. We meandered our way over Ranger trail just off of Route […]


Hiking every trail in Lackawanna State Park

For several weeks I’ve been slowly tracing my way through the trails found within the confines of Lackawanna State Park and I’m just about halfway through my goal of hiking every trail. The park boasts over 18-miles of hiking and 15-miles of multi-use trials (hiking, horseback riding, biking) giving me plenty of places to explore. Counting […]


Hiking the Dunmore Pine Barrens

Yesterday fellow UAV pilot Jonathan Edwards and I hiked to the “top of the world” at the Dunmore Pine Barrens to get some exercise, see the sights, and fly a little. I decided to hike this area because of local hiker, writer and blogger Jeff Mitchell’s blog post wherein he details the hike. He provides […]