Hiking every trail in Lackawanna State Park

For several weeks I’ve been slowly tracing my way through the trails found within the confines of Lackawanna State Park and I’m just about halfway through my goal of hiking every trail.

The park boasts over 18-miles of hiking and 15-miles of multi-use trials (hiking, horseback riding, biking) giving me plenty of places to explore. Counting a bit of overlap and my loose interpretation of where some of the park’s boundaries are – I’d say I have about 50 miles of hiking to do in total. The trails wind through fields, next to streams, around large lakes and pass by small ponds.

I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the park better. I’ve come to this park for years but have mainly visited areas near the main lake, near the public pool, and to a few of the launches to go kayaking. It has been a pleasure to see this park in its entirety and I’m looking forward to exploring the rest of it.

Before I begin to lose track of which trail is which, I thought I’d begin to jot down a few notes about each trail, as well as a photo or two for reference, and then come back and update this post as I complete my goal. I was going to make this one long post but as I began to write about each hike I slowly realized this would be better chopped up into one post per-hike.

My list of trails will be in the order I’ve hiked them. I’ll try to give a clear description of what type of trail it is, how hard I personally found the trail (I’m 35 years old and can quite easily hike for the majority of the day), and a photo or two that I took. The photos may not be the best representation of the trail. Also, I’ll note the month in which I hiked the trail as the entirety of this goal will likely span over three months or so.

The list above is incomplete. It shows the trails I’ve already hiked but not all the trails of the park. As I find time to write about each hike the list will become links to those posts. So, stay tuned.