Weigh in: Week Six

Can you believe we’re at six weeks already? I can’t. Most of us have come a long way in many ways. We’ve lost weight, changed our attitudes, and broke bad habits. I can’t wait to see what the next few months bring when a pretty sizable percentage of those of us on the list reach our goals.

That being said, I thought I would have gained this week, and not because I “cheated”. In fact, I’m doing really well on my diet. I mentioned that I mastered my cravings and that has helped a lot to being able to remain on my diet. For me, cravings are a slippery slope. If I break my concentration once, I’m afraid I’ll continue to do so. So I take the fanatics approach and simply not give in.

The reason I thought I was going to gain weight this week is due to the amount of exercise I did this week. I know I’m gaining muscle and with that usually your weight increases. But I must be burning more fat than muscle, which is a sign of a healthy and balanced diet.

I figured I’d give you a quick recap of where I’ve come from:

  1. Initial weigh in: 225.6
  2. Week one: 218.8 (-6.8)
  3. Week two: 221.8 ( 3.0)
  4. Week three: 219.0 (-2.8)
  5. Week four: 214.4 (-4.6)
  6. Week five: 213.4 (-1.0)
  7. Week six: 211.2 (-2.2)

For those of you doing the math in your head, I’m down a total of 14.4lbs. in six weeks which is an average of 2.4lbs. per week. Since the recommended and healthy way to lose weight is at a rate of around eight pounds per month, I’m right on track. Not too fast, not too slow.

Also, consider the fact that I’m playing basketball for at least 3 hours on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday each week. Obviously, I miss a day here or there for normal summer activities, but overall I’m sticking to the schedule fairly well.

I sincerely hope that everyone on the diet is doing as well or better than I am. I can not tell you how liberating it is for me to be losing weight. Not only for appearances sake, but also my entire mindset.

In my week one weigh in I set the goal to be at 210lbs. by next Tuesday, which is the last weigh in before Eliza and I go on a camping trip. I think I’m positioned fairly well to make that goal, and that in itself will be a very good feeling. Setting a goal and reaching it. I can not wait to see that scale say anything below 210 again.

If you would like to join the diet, you can send me an email with your name and web site address (if you have one). We also have a Flickr group which you are more than welcome to join where we share experiences, photos, and generally try to encourage each other to keep up with our diets. The diet is sponsored by The Diet Channel.

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