Colin Devroe

Reverse Engineer. Blogger.

About me

I’m currently Senior Vice President at Condron Media – a small agency in downtown Scranton, Pennsylvania. In my spare time I’m working on Summit – The Adventurous Step Counter for iOS. I enjoy blogging, photography, hiking, kayaking, wine and beer, food, and traveling.

Previous work includes Plain, Unmark, Barley, Viddler, Tracercode, eMedSecurities, ChanceCube, and the 9rules Network. I’ve also curated The Watercolor Gallery since 2010.

You can send me an email at I’d love to hear from you.

What is my blog about?

I mostly write about and link to what I’m thinking about. This changes slightly over time. It meanders a little. But basically I think a lot about technology, blogging, investing, marketing, hiking, and cataloging my life a little. I try to write a post any time I go to an event. And I try to help expose internet projects from others.

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