Weigh in: Week Seven

On June 6th I announced my first "milestone goal" of wanting to be weigh 210lbs. by today (July 18th). This week I'm going on a camping trip, so I thought it'd be something to shoot for.

Last week I explained how elated I'd be if I were to see the scale read anything under 210lbs. for the first time in about five years.

I can't explain to you what I felt when I saw 206.6lbs. come up this morning. I got on twice, just to be sure. There are a few things that led to me losing 4.6lbs. this week. First, my exercise (read: basketball) program remained consistent throughout the week. Also, my calorie intake was just about perfect the entire week. If you remember, back on week five, I had said that "...I’m going to make a much more concerted effort to keep track of each calorie, so that my progress remains steady." - and I know that this helped a lot.

Also, on top of the normal activities for the week, I got to do a little swimming, some football, some dancing, and spent about an hour on Sunday mowing lawn (it was about 97 degrees Fahrenheit here on Sunday). These little extra things, no doubt, were a big factor in my extraordinary results this week.

But I may need to make a slight change, and I think I'm going to wait a week to see if I absolutely need to do so. I don't want to lose 4.6lbs. per week. I'd rather lose 2lbs. per week, so after our camping trip, I'll see if I need to adjust my calorie intake to about 150 to 200 more calories per day. This would, in effect, add an entire days worth of eating to each week.

(Since I'm currently eating 1,500 or so calories a day, adding 200 calories per day would be 1,400 more per week. Almost like adding an entire day worth of eating.)

That small adjustment should help me lose weight, but at a slightly slower pace. Again, I'm not going to make that adjustment until after camping because it could have been more due to the extra exercise than the calorie intake.

I'm also adding my weigh ins for each week to the diet page.

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