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Overcast 3

Marco Arment just released version 3 of Overcast, the podcast player I use on my phone every single day. I like this bit in the update: No closed-source code will be embedded in Overcast anymore, and I won’t use any more third-party analytics services. I’m fairly confident that Apple has my back if a government […]


‪If you were 39,000,000 miles away from earth and the earth was covered in white clouds it would look like what Venus looks like right now.‬

Whiskey Bacon reviews Blue Apron

Team Whiskey Bacon tears into Blue Apron and lists 10 things they hate about it. I agree with many of their points, especially #2 and #6 on their list and that Blue Apron is not for those that know their way around the kitchen. We tried Blue Apron for a time. It was an interesting […]


What I saw this week #33: February 17, 2017

Oristand – Want to try a standing desk? This is a pretty inexpensive and portable way to try it. Houdiniopoly – A local Houdini Museum is creating a boardgame and kickstarted the idea. They’ve already met their goal. Video: MSFT’s hardware testing center – Cool behind-the-scenes look at one of Microsoft’s facilities. Drones over Dubai […]


Information water torture

Emily Lakdawalla, on taking a writing sabbatical: I feel less and less satisfied doing rushed news-update-style reporting, and am more interested in spending more time to explain science or engineering in depth, in articles that will be useful over time, not just this week. (I am really enjoying writing the book, when I can find […]


I’ve turned off all POSSE related plugins for my blog for now. I just feel like it is too time consuming to get it working just the way I want it to. So, for the time being, I’m opting not to share my blog content via any social networks. If you’re subscribed to my site via RSS I thank you.

The music for Stagehand

I linked to this post in #32 but, just in case you missed it, I’m linking to it properly because I believe it deserves it. Cabel Sasser, on creating the intro song for Stagehand: There was no way I was gonna be able to put a “live” version of the song together by myself. I’m basically musically […]


Attending February’s NEPA.js meet up

NEPA.js is quickly becoming my favorite tech-related event to attend. On Monday night at the Scranton Enterprise Center a solid group of attendees listened and shared in Jason Washo’s presentation on whether or not to handwrite or generate JavaScript through transpiling. Jason is a big believer in transpiling JavaScript but he kept his presentation balanced […]


Interviewed on tecBRIDGE Radio Episode 5

Phil Condron and I were recently interviewed on tecBRIDGE Radio – a radio show cum podcast about business, entrepreneurship and the knowledge economy in northeastern Pennsylvania. Topics included marketing for small businesses, who should learn to code, and the history of Condron Media. Full disclosure: Condron Media is a reoccurring sponsor of tecBRIDGE Radio as we, […]


Live streaming video, by the numbers

Dan Kimbrough: Facebook makes sense as the leader. More people use Facebook than YouTube. And by that, I mean we consume a lot on YouTube, most of its traffic is viewing videos, not creating. I think that most companies and influencers have a big enough audience that they can stream anywhere and their followers will…follow. […]


David Mead: “Why is Feedly so hard to use?”

David Mead writes about Feedly: There seems no way to see all your feeds in one place, and mange them accordingly. Everything has to be a “collection”. Those only show a few on the screen at any one time. So you have to keep expanding and collapsing boxes to make simple changes. It got to […]


What I saw this week #32: February 13, 2017

I missed publishing this on Friday so I’m publishing it today. Roper Game Prototype – Mary Rose Cook showing off again. Maja Kuczyńska wind freestyle – Humans shouldn’t be able to move like this. VSauce – I scour YouTube daily for new subscriptions. I’m always amazed that I can stumble across a previously unknown channel […]


macOS has made setting up a new computer a one-step process for most people and a three-or-four-step process for developers. Incredibly easy.

Post filtering fixes at Homebrew Website Club

Last night Tucker Hottes, Den Temple and I held the first Homebrew Website Club at The Keys in Scranton, PA. I really appreciate that HWC will force me to set aside some time to work on my personal site since it is often neglected for more pressing projects. During HWC I began trying to fix […]


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