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How Surface changed Microsoft

Jason Ward, writing for Windows Central: Windows devices once perceived as low-end bargain basement devices are now seen as expensive cutting-edge hardware that rivals or exceeds Apple’s long-standing high-end market position. I make this same point in my forthcoming review of the Surface Book and Windows 10. I’m so sorry it is taking so long […]


What I saw this week #22: December 2, 2016

SwitchResX – A small preference pane for macOS to help you set more specific resolutions for your displays above and beyond what Apple provides by default. NEPA.js – A new meetup in Scranton, PA for people that want to learn JavaScript. Lion – A gorgeous photo by Sam Scrimshaw. Italy, Boat, Wedding – My friend […]


Manton Reece regarding the forthcoming Renaming a product before its official launch may not seem like a big deal, but in this case it gives the app a new importance. Just by renaming it, the app feels more ambitious. It forces me to devote more attention to it, which means saying goodbye to some […]


Google’s AMP is a gilded cage

Terence Eden: If, like me, you made the mistake of trying out AMP on your website – you’re in a tricky position if you try to remove it. Google doesn’t like anything leaving its clutches. I appreciate nothing about AMP. In fact, I don’t click any links that use it in protest. /via Jeremy Keith.


Make accessibility job one

Jeffrey Zeldman: One small thing designers and developers can do is to make accessibility and usability Job 1 on every project. I need to heed this advice. Thanks for the reminder Jeffrey.


Add processes to produce quality work; Do an additional 10% research in the beginning and add 5% clean up time at the end. You'll be amazed at the results.

Fix the internet

Vicky Boykis: We are a LONG, long ways away from the destruction of the internet as a giant billboard. It takes time to turn a huge skyscraper into an gutted shell of a building, and it will take just as much time to turn our current internet from a loud, obnoxious, toxic mall, back into […]


Still whittling down this Surface Book + Windows 10 review. Right now it reads like a Tolkien novel. It may still be a few days.

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