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What am I building here?

If you’re reading this you likely do something every single day that you haven’t put a name to. You publish. And, it is very likely, that you publish different things in several different places with just a little overlap. You might publish: quippy remarks about a live event on Twitter filtered photos, that presumably look a […]


Thirty days of images

Each morning, at around 9am Eastern, a new image is published to my blog. I schedule these posts each weekend (I even built a WordPress plugin to help me) and they publish automatically without any other interference from me. I’ve just hit 30 consecutive days of this schedule and I’d like to keep it up in […]


What I saw this week #16: October 21, 2016

Lots of things funneled in from Twitter this week. And yet, at the same time, Twitter may slowly be losing grip on its ability to stay in business. Pity. Virtual Forest – VR is coming. Just watch Mark Zuckerberg’s demo recently and you’ll immediately see why a catalog like Virtual Forest is going to come […]


How to fix bad thumbnails in Photos on macOS Sierra

Since updating to macOS Sierra my Photos library will show some bad thumbnails that are either completely black or have black “bars” on them. Here is just one example that I managed to screenshot (see: top left photo). If you come across this issue it is pretty easy to fix. Right-click (or, control+click, or two-finger […]


Keep in mind while watching tech reviewers on YouTube; there is one critical component to their review that is always missing - they didn't work hard, save up for, painstakingly research, and pay for that product. This makes it easier for them to be objective in some ways but it also softens the blow when a product doesn't work quite right.

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