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NEPA BlogCon 2016

I often wonder what it would be like to be a first-time attendee at a conference like NEPA BlogCon. Even with the speakers attempting to keep things easy-to-understand I’m sure the flood of information can be overwhelming. I think that is why the mix of presentations at these sorts of events is so important. It […]


Hey, umm, Siri?

I was happy this week to see that the topic of how far behind Siri is came up on many tech blogs. It is a topic I’ve thought, but not wrote, a lot about. In 2012 Siri was ahead on ability, but behind on speed. Earlier in 2016, prior to WWDC, I wrote a WWDC […]


E9: Follow up, Blog comments, and personal blogging

Danny and I enjoyed listening to ourselves talk so much that we did it again this week. Our conversation is mainly about blog comments and personal blogging. Riveting stuff. Listen to all of it.   Download MP3


What I saw this week #15: October 14, 2016

I’m noticing that a fair portion of the items I’ve made note to include in this post are videos. That isn’t all bad. If you have time this weekend perhaps you’ll watch a few of them. PowerPress Podcast – In this episode of this podcast MacKenzie Bennett and Jane Ellen talk about Anchor (which I mentioned […]


Hacking rather than waiting

Yesterday afternoon Sarah Pressler retweeted Jono Young’s request for a plugin that would add a submenu to the WordPress’ Admin with the current pages for the site under the Pages menu. This would reduce the number of clicks to get to the page editor. I was waiting for an upload to finish and I thought, given the code […]


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