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I hope a Windows 10 update is imminent because the new Surface Book with Performance Base is buggy buggy buggy when switching between tablet and desktop modes.

What I saw this week #21: November 25, 2016

Light week as I spent most of my week away from the computer. curlbuilder – A simple tool to create curl commands. Bowie by Nick Runge – A small plug for my other site. On being verified – Maria Langer writes about being verified on Twitter. Instagram updates – A few new ways to share […]


2100 words into my Windows 10 + Surface Book review and I'm beginning to think these should be two separate reviews. Maybe.

Manton Reece on AMP

Manton Reece on AMP: I want the web to be faster. Breaking links should not be part of the solution. AMP is terrible. As is any solution that changes the URL. When wap.* or m.* was “a thing” I hated that too. Now, more than ever, there is less reasons to change the URL to […]


My blog got more traffic in the month of October than any other month this year. If I manage to scrawl my review of the Surface Book and Windows 10 this weekend I think November will beat October handily.

E14: Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts, streaming video solutions, Nintendo

On Sunday Danny and I discussed learning Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts, a bit about video streaming services and the value they bring, and also a bit about Nintendo. Here are some links from this episode. Video Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts another Windows 10 keyboard shortcut video Download MP3


Attending Cropped! a rebranding competition

Last night I attended an event created by AAF NEPA to help a non-profit organization rebrand. The idea was simple; create a few teams of branding professionals from local agencies and have them compete to create the best ideas and solutions to rebranding a local non-profit company. I’ll leave the details of the competition to […]


What I saw this week #20: November 19, 2016

I’ve been sick most of the week and terribly busy so this week’s links are coming a day late. Inside Apple Design – Nice video showing some of the people and the workshop behind Apple’s iconic products. Wilderness – A gorgeous, chill video from Alastair Humphreys – someone on my follow list. PhotoScan by Google […]


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