Yes, Safari on iPad should be the real Safari

M.G. Siegler, writing on his newish blog Spyglass:

the Safari browser on iPad has always behaved more like the Safari browser on iOS versus the version built for Macs.

Just yesterday I had to log into Eliza’s Gmail account via Safari on my iPad. The experience was akin to a 2007 web app with no option to show me the real desktop version of Gmail. Both Safari and Gmail’s fault.

I would welcome iPadOS adjusting Safari’s user agent (and whatever else needs to be done) to run just like the real, grown-up version of Safari.

As an aside: Eliza’s Google storage was 106% full. So, of course, Gmail stops accepting email. She has run into this 15GB limitation on her free Gmail account several times over the many, many years she’s used Gmail. Each time I’ve logged in, searched for “has:attachments size:10MB” (or some variation on that) and deleted a bunch of old email. But this time there was just no more juice to squeeze from the lemon. Instead, we gave Google $20 for 100GB of storage for a year. You win, Google.

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