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  • Glass observations

    Glass, a new photo sharing app, has been making the rounds this week since it launched to the public, via an invite only roll out, and has had a fair bit of press and photographer fain fare. I gave away a few invites myself. First, a bit of background material you may want to peruse…

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  • M.G. Siegler on The Mandalorian

    M.G. on Ev’s blog: The Mandalorian feels like the true successor to the original Star Wars trilogy. I agree with M.G. While I liked The Force Awakens and Solo, the other two I could do without though I’m glad they exist.

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  • Instagram pressure

    Kevin Weil, Instagram’s head of product, within a piece by Kurt Wagner for Recode regarding Instagram: “It became a place where people kept raising the bar on themselves in terms of the quality of what they had to achieve to post,” explained Kevin Weil, Instagram’s head of product, who has been working to fix this…

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