What I saw somewhat recently #100: March 23, 2023

Wind stirs the dust in the parking lot of a concrete supply company
Wind, stirs the dust

This is it. The final WIS link list post. This series of posts has spanned 10 years.

I’m happy that I published 99 lists of links and that thousands of people have clicked on them to enjoy the interesting, creative, useful, and fun webpages I stumbled upon over the last decade. I’m saddened, however, that so many of the links I’ve shared no longer work.

I suppose that is the state of things. Websites that feel permanent are anything but. And while The Internet Archive is a true treasure, it is most definitely incomplete. Most of the websites archived into The Wayback Machine are but shadows of that which they represent.

When I started putting this list, the one hundredth, together I began at #1 and slowly started moving forward through time. I was trying my best to find the most interesting links that are still active. After going through many, many links I found that the vast majority of them were dead, not found, or changed altogether.


So rather than share a “best of” list made up of all the previous lists, I’ve decided to publish a new fresh and final list.

There is nothing overtly special about the following links. They are simply more of the same, amazing, inspiring, and funky things I’ve found recently while browsing the web. I do hope you enjoyed this series. I’m looking forward to my next series which I’m still working on the format of.


  • Video: All the Beauty and the Bloodshed – An upcoming HBO documentary chronicling the photographic and activist work of Nan Goldin.
  • IG Video: Stanley Tucci makes a martini – Somehow I missed this when it originally went viral during the pandemic. He makes a good martini. And I believe this video turned into an awful lot of work for Tucci. Consider me a member of the Tucci gang.
  • Simon Collison on Apple Music – I’ve been really digging into the Apple Music library. I’m coming at it in a variety of ways by using Shazam, finding obscure music blogs, and by following curators like Simon.
  • Videos: DIRT by Huckberry – This video series that encourages you to explore locally by Huckberry is very well made. I’m really enjoying it.
  • HTML Energy – Handwritten HTML gives these people all the feels.
  • Monty Don’s tips & advice – I’ve probably linked to this tons of times. It doesn’t matter. It deserves a relink. Each month Monty publishes a blog post with tips for the month.
  • How the ring got good – Robin Sloan shows us that even J.R.R. Tolkien needs to iterate a lot on an idea.
  • My Girl with a Pearl – When Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring goes out on loan, the museum gets creative with some fan generated content.
  • Novella – “thoughtful films for creative people”.
  • Smartless – A podcast co-hosted by Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Sean Hayes.
  • Quanta – An app that allows you to broadcast your vinyl records via Airplay while at the same time showing you album art and lyrics.

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