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  • What I saw somewhat recently #100: March 23, 2023

    This is it. The final WIS link list post. This series of posts has spanned 10 years. I’m happy that I published 99 lists of links and that thousands of people have clicked on them to enjoy the interesting, creative, useful, and fun webpages I stumbled upon over the last decade. I’m saddened, however, that…

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  • Revisiting Simon Collison’s Farewell to Twitter

    Last night I revisited Simon Collison’s post from early December 2022 Farewell, Twitter. I had read it shortly after he published it and while I agreed with what he wrote, it didn’t hit me as hard as it did last night. Simon claims that “others have articulated the situation better”, however, last night I realized…

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  • Simon Collison on personal websites

    Simon Collison: You tend your domain like you steadily improve your home, and it can take years of false starts and incremental commits. Don’t think of it as urgent work, or — heaven forbid — a “side-hustle”. Don’t I know it. Well, well over twenty years on. Still loving it.

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