What I saw somewhat recently #85: August 5, 2021

Penelope in a basket

This week was full of family visitors and new kittens. Oh, and of course links!

  • Little Canada - A man spends $24m on building miniature version of places in Canada. Sure, why not?
  • Mill - Beautiful branding work by Helen Tong.
  • Jack White Art & Design - Prolific artist across all mediums, Jack White finally has a website to showcase some of his work from the last few decades ranging from upholstery, photography, sculpture and more.
  • Lora Webb Nichols archive at The American Heritage Center at the University of Wyoming - 21,000+ full resolution photos by Nichols. Now this is an archive. See also #80, #84. I'm thinking that Nichols may overtake Farmer as my favorite photographer soon.
  • CYME - I'm keeping an eye on what this team is up to.
  • Fastmarks - Tyler Hall is on a tear. I remember we had an Alfred extension for Unmark to allow people to search their archive right on their Mac. Maybe Tyler can make Fastmarks read from Unmark too?
  • Tour of Starbase Factory - I haven't gotten through this entire tour video yet, but how cool that there is a place called Starbase?
  • The Story of Playdate - A podcast episode from Panic telling the 10-year story of Playdate - their new gaming handheld. Very well produced.
  • This tweet - It made me chuckle. Warning: language.
  • USB-C by color - I had no idea there were 8 types of USB-C.
  • Clouds - Disney Animation provides huge files that people can use for research, games, movies, etc. They created these for the movie Moana. They also share Motunui.
  • Scott MacBride on Flickr - His multiple 365 day projects are an inspiration in many ways.
  • This tweet - Full of decent passwords.
  • Candida - There are reports that this fungus is wreaking some havoc in hospitals. Impossible to treat. Educate yourself before your next hospital visit.
  • This ad - Very well made.
  • Noriko Hayashi - Some great work in this portfolio.