Cypress is now available for free on

If you’re a member of you can now choose to use Cypress as your theme for free. Log in and click on your Design settings page, and choose the theme. That’s it.

I’m happy that this came together. I thought it might be fun to make a theme and when I tossed the idea to Manton he was very welcoming to the idea. And then when Manton and I saw interest from a few members for this theme to be made available I knew I wanted to make it available for free. has given me a lot of value over the last few years. A huge portion of the comments on my blog originate through The platform has made it so easy to engage in conversation and the added benefit of those webmentions coming back to my blog as replies is just fantastic. So many of the things I write about are improved from the discourse that happens through I also find a lot of great people and information there.

If you end up using Cypress as your theme on please report any bugs via Github issues. If you do not have Github and would rather not, please report bugs to me directly via email. I’m sure there will be some issues that weren’t caught in my testing. I will be adding features and making bug fixes as fast as I can. You can see a test blog here.

Some have already offered to pay for the theme. I appreciate your support. If you’d like to support its continued development you can donate any amount you’d like. In addition, please continue to be a member of, browse Discover, say hi to new members, elevate voices by sharing other people’s work, and help more people figure out how to have their own blog.

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