Creatively bored


Sure, I took a few photos here and there, but there’s no real creativity, no real meaning. Perhaps an occasional photo managed to capture something more than an utterly prosaic image, but it feels accidental rather than deliberate. So rather than bore others – again, a Very Bad Thing in my weltanshauung – I just didn’t put anything out there. I worked sporadically on some past photos, reediting and rethinking, perhaps assigning new values to old pictures – a very personal thing to be sure, and not one to be imposed on other viewers – but the idea of producing new creative work has been the very opposite of my experience in the last year or so.

If you’re experiencing a huge valley in your creativity as the result of this past year’s, as the filmosaur put it, unpleasantness then I urge you to read the entire post. You are not alone.

I haven’t taken nearly as many photos as I have in past years. And very many of them I didn’t care much for.

* It appears the author of this blog prefers to keep their name rather well hidden. So I shall respect that.

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