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  • Creatively bored

    Filmosaur*: Sure, I took a few photos here and there, but there’s no real creativity, no real meaning. Perhaps an occasional photo managed to capture something more than an utterly prosaic image, but it feels accidental rather than deliberate. So rather than bore others – again, a Very Bad Thing in my weltanshauung – I just didn’t…

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  • Jack Baty on being burnt out of film photography

    Jack Baty: The trouble, I’m finding, is that I don’t really like the results I’m getting. I’ve shot maybe 20 rolls of film this year and a couple dozen large format negatives. Not a ton, but I’ve gone through them and there are only a handful that I really like, and most of those I…

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  • Repost: Annie Mueller on Creativity

    👉 Annie Mueller: Creativity is anyone making anything out of anything. /via Micro.blog in Discover

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