What am I building here?

If you’re reading this you likely do something every single day that you haven’t put a name to. You publish. And, it is very likely, that you publish different things in several different places with just a little overlap.

You might publish:

  • quippy remarks about a live event on Twitter
  • filtered photos, that presumably look a bit better than you think you could do on your own, on Instagram
  • slightly deeper more personal things on Facebook
  • your career updates on LinkedIn
  • pieces of your day through short, ephemeral videos on Snapchat or Instagram Stories
  • and maybe, just maybe, you publish pieces of audio on Anchor or video on YouTube.

That’s great. And it is well and good that you are sharing so much of yourself with the world. Hopefully you’re sharing some insight, perhaps something entertaining, or something creative. And hopefully you’re also getting some of those things in return. Otherwise, you likely wouldn’t continue doing it.

What I’m slowly building here on cdevroe.com is my own publishing platform for all media with no restrictions and very little threat of disappearing.

Currently I can publish small status updates, images, audio bits, and blog posts. And I’m doing that every single day. If Twitter goes out of business in the next year or if they are acquired by a company that changes it for the worse – I’ll still have my site to publish on. If Anchor doesn’t make it, I’ll still have my conversations with Danny or even some onions sizzling in a cast iron pan (because, why not?).

The advantages to owning my own platform go beyond its longevity. I’m also not limited in feature set. My audio bits are longer than 2 minutes. My status updates can be longer than 140 characters.  My images can be any size and dimension. And if I need something else I can make it.

cdevroe.com is mine. And I’m really excited to continue bolting on new features and expanding my own personal capability to publish anything I want and have it outlast me.

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