Weigh in: Week two

This week started off great. With the success of my diet last week, I was motivated to continue right through today – and was hoping to post some great results. But, you have to take the good with the bad, and be honest. So, this weekend we had a little set back. Eliza, Chris and I (and a few others on the diet), went away for the weekend. Suffice to say, the diet was not as strictly enforced as it should have been.

This week, I’m unhappy to report that I gained three pounds. I am not back up to 221.8lbs. However, this makes me more determined to stay on my diet, and get more exercise to make up for the set back.

Last week I said that I’d have an announcement for everyone on the diet. Well, that announcement is still a little forth coming. I have one more phone call before anything is completely official, but – let’s just say that we will have more reason to be successful on our diets in the coming weigh ins.

I hope everyone was able to stick to their diet, be successful, and continue on. I know I learned my lesson this weekend – and I know my weaknesses. Let’s see if I can learn from my mistakes.

Note: You too can join the diet.

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